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With the movie “Finding Nemo”, the clownfish leaped to instant fame. Cute, colorful and with a distinctive personality, they are hard to miss on the coral reef. Believe it or not, there are actually thirty different species of clownfish including the “false clown anemonefish”, the species that our friend Nemo belongs to. Clownfish are a type of damselfish and are also referred to as anemonefish, due to the fact that they live in anemones.

There are ten different species of anemones that are hosts to clownfish, with some clownfish only found in one species while others can be found in all ten species. Clownfish can grow anywhere from a maximum size of 10 cm to quite large at 18 cm. We have at least seven species of clownfish here near Atmosphere Resort in Dumaguete.

Species of clownfish here in Dumaguete, Philippines:

Clark's anemonefish in Dauin, Dumaguete, Philippines. Photo by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa.

Clark’s Anemonefish – Amphiprion clarkii

Clark’s Anemonefish

Maximum Size: Male 10 cm, female 15 cm

Coloration: Normally dark but can be light orange, light colored snout

Stripes: Two thick stripes and a white band on the tail base

Anemone: Ten species of host anemones

Clownfish - False clown anemonefish - Nemo . photo by Daniel Geary Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Dauin Dumaguete Philippines

False Clown Anemonefish – Amphiprion ocellaris

False Clown Anemonefish

Maximum Size: Female 11 cm

Coloration: Orange, but can be darker, even black in some places in australia, fins outlined in black

Stripes: Three white stripes with thin black outline

Anemone: Three species

Clownfish - Pink Anemonefish - Photo by Daniel Geary Atmosphere Rersorts & Spa dauin Dumaguete Philippines

Pink Anemonefish – Amphiprion perideraion

Pink Anemonefish

Maximum Size: Female 10 cm

Coloration: Pinkish-orange, not much color variation in the species

Stripes: White stripe on its back and one thin white stripe behind the eye

Anemone: Four species

Clownfish - Saddleback Anemonefish by daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Dauin Dumaguete Philippines

Saddleback Anemonefish – Amphiprion polymnus

Saddleback Anemonefish

Maximum Size: Females 13 cm, males almost same size

Coloration: Orange to dark brown, depending on the host anemone

Stripes: Three very thick stripes

Anemone: Two species

Orange Skunk Clownfish – Amphiprion sandaracinos 

Orange Skunk Clownfish

Maximum Size: Female 11 cm, male 6 cm

Coloration: Orange with long white stripe starting at the top lip on top of its body ending at the tail

Stripes: None on side of the body, only on the dorsal ridge

Anemone: One main species, one where rarely found


Spinecheek Anemonefish by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Dauin Dumaguete Philippines

Spinecheek Anemonefish – Premnas biaculeatus

Spinecheek Anemonefish

Maximum Size: Females 17 cm

Coloration: Bright red-orange to maroon or dark brown. Has a visible spine on each cheek

Stripes: Three white stripes, can change to grey if provoked. Juveniles tend to have smaller stripes.

Anemone: One species

Clownfish - Tomato Anemonefish by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Dauin Dumaguete Philippines

Tomato Anemonefish – Amphioprion frenatus

Tomato Anemonefish

Maximum Size: Females 14 cm

Coloration: Orange or red – females are darker

Stripes: One stripe behind the eye

Anemone: Two species

Your marine biologist /Daniel Geary

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