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For the adventurous

Kawasan falls canyoning

Our thrilling canyoning adventure in Kawasan falls is not for the faint-hearted! Enjoy the excitement of climbing through dramatic canyons, wading through waterfalls, and swimming through crystal-clear pools. There are falls and jumping-off points of heights between 2 and 12 meters, swings, dams and even a Zipline for those who are brave enough.

The beautiful Kawasan falls are located on the west side of Cebu island, around 2,5 hours from Atmosphere. The multiple falls are connected by a river, which makes this an exciting all-day canyoning adventure. Once we reach the starting point, you can look forward to 3-4 very scenic hours in the turquoise waters of the Kawasan canyon.

Whale sharks

Hike up the mighty Mt. Talinis

Take your journey to new heights with our mountain hiking adventure! Climb to the top of Mt. Talinis – for amazing views, fresh air, and that unbeatable feeling of reaching the summit! Up for a real challenge? Then this is the perfect excursion for you!
With the beautiful Mt. Talinis as a backdrop to Atmosphere Resorts, climbing it is a great adventure. Mount Talinis is just over 1900 meters high and the volcanic activity in the past has created stunning landscapes with crater lakes, sulfur vents, and dead forests present in the otherwise dense jungle.

The trek is quite demanding but can be done in one long day for the adventurous hiker. The top is heavily forested and sometimes covered with fog or clouds, but the mountainside offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The hike is always led by a licensed guide and hiking poles are recommended. There is also the option of climbing half way, for a less strenuous day.

Mountain biking in the wild

With nature and beautiful scenery on our doorstep, mountain biking is sometimes the best way to explore the mountaneous area of Dauin. Join one of our mountain bike tours to release the thrill of adventure and connect with nature.

We run guided mountain biking adventures and our experienced guide will take you on one of the many local trails. The trails range from easy trails of one hour to more technical and challenging trails of 3-4 hours, passing through jungle, local villages, rivers and over bridges.

Beginners and families and the more experienced riders can all enjoy the beautiful surroundings on their premises. There is a mountain bike trail suited for everyone. Each trail combines exercise with scenic views of neighboring Islands and visits to local landmarks.

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trail biking in the philippines

Dive deeper with technical diving

Do you want to go places underwater where very few people have been or are you looking for a new dive challenge? Then technical diving is for you!

Some of you may want to dive deep and explore walls and drop-offs in Apo Island beyond the depth of recreational diving. Deeper down, we often encounter big schools of giant trevally, large sea snakes and huge Spanish dancers. We also visit dive sites in Sumilon, where white tip and black tip reef sharks are abundant. But the most exciting must be the wreckage of the Geopeter – a passenger ferry that sank 2 hours journey from Atmosphere. All onboard were saved and the wreck lies upright on a sandy bottom between 45 and 60 meters.

Or is new equipment and configurations what floats your boat? Grab an underwater scooter (DPV) to explore further, try sidemount or other dive equipment that’s new for you.

If you’re not certified, we can personalize and schedule your course around you. At Atmosphere, we will deliver proper dive planning, briefing and detailed discussion, new and up-to-date rental gear, 5-star service with flexible dive options and lots of space on our boats.

Technical Diving

Explore Tubbataha National Park on the Philippine Siren liveaboard

Here at Atmosphere, we have some of the best diving in the world with Apo Island only 40 minutes away by boat and the multiple marine sanctuaries of Dauin just around the corner. We do however understand that our guests dream of other dive destinations – as do we!

We have teamed up with Asia’s most luxurious and well-renowned dive liveaboard fleet Master Liveaboards, to be able to offer our guests the Atmosphere experience in one of Asia’s most renowned and spectacular dive locations – Tubbataha Reefs National Park.
If you enjoy sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, wall and drift diving – as well as rare critters and stunning coral – then come with us on one of our upcoming live-aboard expeditions to Tubbataha, embarking from Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

Our next scheduled expeditions are May 8-14 2024, May 15-21 2025 and May 20-26 2026.

Senior staff from Atmosphere lead these private expeditions to make sure that all diving guests receive the Atmosphere star treatment throughout the duration of the cruise. Why not join our team by spending a few nights in Atmosphere before or after your expedition? Any guest joining us at Atmosphere before or after the live aboard adventure will be offered a great deal on their bookings.

Join liveaboard in Tubbataha
2026 We are going to Tubbataha May 20-26 6 nights on board the S/Y Philippine Siren
2025 We are going to Tubbataha May 15-21 6 nights on board the S/Y Philippine Siren
2024 We are going to Tubbataha May 8-14 6 nights on board the S/Y Philippine Siren
2023 We went to Tubbataha April 19-25 6 nights on board the S/Y Philippine Siren
2022 We went to Tubbataha May 18-24 6 nights on board the S/Y Philippine Siren
2019 We went to Palau May 13-20 7 nights on board the S/Y Palau Siren
2018 We went to Tubbataha May 24-30 6 nights on board the S/Y Philippine Siren
2017 We went to Palau March 7-14 7 nights on board the S/Y Palau Siren
2016 We went to Raja Ampa May 20-30 10 nights on board the S/Y Indo Siren
2015 We went to Komodo August 20-30 10 nights on board the S/Y Indo Siren
2013 We went to Palau December 2-9 7 nights onboard the S/Y Palau Siren
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