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Marine conservation and environmental awareness

We are lucky at Atmosphere to have a spectacular and protected house reef, along with several small marine sanctuaries spread along Dauin’s coast. Our dive centre has a no-touch, no gloves, no feeding, no anchoring policy, and we actively show and promote a diving etiquette video to inform our guests.

Our in-house marine biologist is at the forefront of ensuring we are not just maintaining our local environment, but working to improve its health and raise awareness with our guests. As the resort has developed, so have our efforts to ensure our impacts on the natural environment are minimised through.

What we do

  • Taking environmental ownership of our beach and house reef with regular clean-ups involving our guest. Raising environmental awareness with marine conservation-focused presentations
  • Guests are kindly asked not to remove coral, shells or sand from our beach
  • Hosting school groups for service trips focusing on marine conservation and community outreach activities
  • Working with local NGO – the Institute for Marine Research – who are gathering long-term monitoring data on the heath of Dauin’s coral reefs.
  • Setting up a coral nursery
  • Offering scientific research dives weekly together with IMR on our house reef, for guests to join
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