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Policy on Drones at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Flying of drones above and around the area of Atmosphere Resorts or during any of our excursions (boat or land) is not permitted by any individual whether employee or guests, non-resort tourist or local hobbyist, without prior permission.

Exceptions will only occur with either prior signed documented permission by a member of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa management or by Management agreement once in the Resort, with no exceptions.

In the event that a drone crashes on Atmosphere Resorts & Spa property or activity areas, or during an Atmosphere-led excursion, the drone will be reported and turned over to Police for their disposition.

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa will take no responsibility for damage to drones used at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa or during our excursions, nor will we take responsibility for any injury sustained by the drone pilot or innocent bystanders.

Our highest priority at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa is to protect the privacy and safety of our guests, as well as reducing the anti-social noise associated with flying remote controlled aircraft and drones in the immediate vicinity. We ask that you respect this.

The Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Management

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