A photo of a blue-ringed octopus showing its iridescent blue ringsMarine BiologyMarinelifePADI Courses

Look but don’t touch! Fun facts about the blue-ringed octopus

Nestled within the vibrant waters of Dauin, Philippines, the blue-ringed octopus is undeniably a firm favourite of our guests here at Atmosphere. We love seeing how excited our divers get when seeing these beautiful and elusive creatures! You may have seen one yourself, but how much do you actually know about the blue-ringed octopus? Keep on reading to find out why these creatures are so highly sought-after. Don't get too…
Reiss Bush
31st March 2024
Marine BiologyMarinelifePADI Courses

Learn critter-spotting secrets with the Critters of Dauin Specialty!

How on earth did they find that!? Those of you who have dived with us before will no doubt agree that our divemasters at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa are world-class critter spotters. Whether it’s a tiny hairy shrimp on a blade of seagrass, a juvenile frogfish the size of a needlepoint, or the elusive blue-ringed octopus - our guides can find them! Have you ever wondered how they spot these…
Reiss Bush
15th March 2024
Two people having massage in a pavilion in a spaWellnessWellness gallery

Why you should treat yourself to a magical massage in the Philippines

You have finally arrived at your dream holiday destination. Everything is just perfect. And when you read through the luxurious spa menu, all the treatments appear so incredibly tempting and hard to resist. You tell yourself that you really deserve to have a massage in the Philippines. But which massage or treatment should you choose? In this blog, we'll uncover the secrets of relaxation and wellness, present our 5 most…
Felicia Lindgren
29th February 2024
Picture of Reiss Bush, the new marine biologist at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, Dauin, PhilippinesAtmosphere StaffMarine BiologyPADI CoursesScuba Diving

Meet Reiss – Our New Marine Biologist!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be working here at Atmosphere in our little slice of tropical paradise. Taking over the position of in-house marine biologist from Kirsty and “Dr. Frogfish” is never going to be easy, but I am definitely up for the challenge! I hope to meet many of you in person and I will be posting regularly on this blog, so prepare yourself for plenty of dive…
Reiss Bush
15th February 2024
Three clown frogfish on the Atmosphere house reefDive travelMarinelifeScuba Diving

Dive Into Frogfish February at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa!

Welcome to frogfish February at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa. Now is the perfect time for diving enthusiasts to witness the captivating world of frogfish in the pristine waters of Dauin, Philippines. Frogfish February has been given its name for a reason – because frogfish are extremely abundant! As the waters of Dauin come alive with these unique creatures, we invite you to join us on a journey to discover the…
Reiss Bush
1st February 2024