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Explore the Depths with Technical Diving at Atmosphere

Looking for a new challenge? With Atmosphere, technical diving is more accessible than you think. Embark on a journey beyond conventional diving with technical diving, a discipline that takes scuba diving to new depths and challenges. Some of you may want to dive deep and explore deep walls of Apo Island that very few divers have seen.

Others are keen to try other equipment configurations and expand their knowledge, or grab an underwater scooter (DPV). Or maybe you’d like to join us in exploring the Geopeter wreck. Technical diving allows divers to explore depths beyond recreational limits, as well as overhead environments. Join us for the ride!

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Enjoy exceptional dive sites only accessible through technical diving

Unleash your passion for exploration with our exceptional tech dive sites, especially in the captivating waters of Apo Island. Picture this: one side of Apo Island boasts mesmerizing walls, inviting recreational divers to delve down to 30 metres. On the other side, brace yourself for drift dives amid wild currents, where you’ll encounter massive schools of jacks, vibrant reefs, and an abundance of sea snakes.

But that’s not all – beneath those walls lie deep, awe-inspiring rock formations extending from 45 to a staggering 80 metres and beyond. It’s a playground perfectly suited for divers of all technical levels. Brace yourself for a rendezvous with giant trevallies, elusive snakes, graceful eagle rays, and an underwater world teeming with marine life found nowhere else. What sets this experience apart? You’ll have it all to yourself, away from the commotion of shallower sites.

Venture along the Dauin coast for a unique diving experience. Despite the sloping reef, there’s an endless array of captivating sights waiting to be discovered, with schools of fish, deep reefs and plenty of macro life.

Sumilon Island, just two hours away, beckons with its deep walls housing a thriving community of white tip reef sharks, barracudas, and the occasional majestic whale shark.

The Geopeter wreck is an existing new dive site addition for divers who are certified to Extended Range level (or willing to be!). This ferry sank in bad weather near Selinog Island over 30 years ago, a little over an hour beyond Apo Island. All crew and passengers aboard were rescued, and the ferry lies on a sandy bottom between 50 and 65 metres depth.

More about the dive sites we visit from Atmosphere.

Experience our state-of-the-art tech facilities and equipment

In our dedicated tech diving centre, we have plenty of space for your rebreather, open circuit system, and any other dedicated technical diving equipment. Our modern compressor room will fill any Nitrox and Trimix mixes up to 200bar. Many size options are available with our aluminium tanks: AL13, AL19, AL30, AL40, AL80 and AL100.

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Full sets of sidemount and double wing equipment are available for rent as well as underwater scooters (DPV’s). We have a large, air-conditioned classroom with a big flat screen TV, making your classroom session comfortable and enjoyable. Our big bangka boat and two speedboats can take you to any of our dive sites along the Dauin coast, Apo Island or Sumilon Island. Our dive training pool, with a length of 20 metres and width of 8, offers plenty of space for adjustment and familiarisation of your equipment, as well as trim check and skills practice.

Ignite a new passion with TDI technical diving courses at Atmosphere

We love seeing our divers try new things. Whether it’s to try sidemount configuration, breathe new gases or explore new depths, we wil make it happen. During your technical dive training, our focus is to personalise and schedule your course around you. We assure a much more personal and consultative approach.

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Some of you may want to dive deep and explore deep walls in Apo Island that nobody else gets to see, others are keen to try other equipment configurations and expand their knowledge or grab an underwater scooter (DPV). Whatever floats your boat, we can make it happen! At Atmosphere, we will deliver proper dive planning, briefing and detailed discussion, new and up-to-date rental gear, 5-star service with flexible dive options and lots of space on our boats.

TDI Courses and programs on offer at Atmosphere

TDI (Technical Diving International) is a leader in technical diving and the largest technical certification agency in the world. As one of the first agencies to provide training in mixed gas diving and rebreathers, TDI is seen as an innovator of new diving techniques and programs which previously were not available to the public.

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At Atmosphere, we currently offer TDI:

  • Sidemount Course
  • Intro To Tech
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Helitrox Diver
  • Extended Range Diver
  • Trimix Diver 60, 75 and 100 meters
  • Technical DPV
  • Tech Divemaster
  • Nitrox Gas Blender & Advanced
  • Gas Blender
  • Solo Diver
  • Equipment Specialist

For the complete outline of our courses, download our Tech Course PDF. More information from TDI can be found here: TDI technical dive courses.

Upcoming tech dive events

Join us for Tech Week in May 2024! Join a once in a life time CCR only technical diving trip spread across two of the best dive locations in the Philippines, Malapascua and Dauin.

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You will be diving the incredible deep reefs and walls of Apo Island, with the thresher sharks of Monad and Kimud Shoals, the famous manta point, the Mogami Maru (WWII Japanese wreck), the sharks of Sumilon island, the sunken Geopeter ferry, drift with huge schools of giant trevallies, the chance to see tiger, bull and hammerhead sharks and many more great tech diving spots.

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