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Indulge in the luxurious Sanctuary Spa

Make your stay even better at the resort and treat yourself to a luxurious spa retreat! The award-winning Sanctuary Spa at Atmosphere set aside in an enchanted garden where five treatment pavilions nestle discreetly amongst running waterfalls, ponds and tropical plants. In 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2022, we won prestigious awards at the World Luxury Spa Awards – among them the worldwide trophy for Best Luxury Garden Spa.

The pavilions have two massage tables and their own unique private outdoor bathrooms. Also present in the spa is a heated pool for watsu® (water shiatsu) treatments, a horizontal vichy shower, as well as a pavilion specifically for hand and foot treatments.

The Sanctuary offers treatments for everyone. Couples wishing to engage in a romantic experience can choose to have treatments run side by side and take full advantage of our two baths designed to accommodate two people. We also offer spa treatments for children, so that even the little ones can enjoy the Sanctuary.

All treatments start with a refreshing foot ceremony and finish off with a relaxing cup of tea. Treatments include massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps, foot spas, threading, waxing, manicures and pedicures and much more.

A day with the chefs – learn to cook like a Filipino

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned amateur chef, this experience is all about learning something new, from our masterful chefs at Atmosphere. Our chefs tailor our cooking classes to suit your skill level and culinary interests.

Join us in the kitchen for a customised food experience where you can cook famous Filipino dishes or desserts (mango float is a must!). Our cooking activities take between 1-3 hours. If Filipino cuisine isn’t on your mind, our chefs are happy to adapt their cooking classes or presentations to suit your taste. These activities come complete with recipes to take home. We are open for small groups of two, but we are also happy to tailor this experience to suit bigger groups.

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Snorkelling or diving on the house reef

Do you prefer to stay within Atmosphere rather than venturing out on a boat Snorkelling or diving can also be done off the beach on our amazing house reef right in front of the resort – at any time!

The house reef covers a large area and stretches as far as the beach in some areas. You will encounter countless tropical fish, many species of coral and sponges, sea turtles, and perhaps even sea snakes. Going further out, there is often a school of barracudas hanging in the blue. The house reef is so big that it would take many hours to explore it.

For snorkelers, dedicated equipment is available for overnight guest use free of charge in our dive centre. We offer snorkelling classes for guests who have little experience but wish to learn. We also have dedicated snorkelling guides at Atmosphere and we have life jackets available for the less experienced swimmers. Check out the map in the dive centre for more details on our snorkelling spots.

Diving on the house reef is as rewarding. Our knowledgeable dive guides will take you for a dive just in front of the resort. This is a perfect spot to look for small critters of Dauin. And did you know that the yellow clown frogfish that was made famous by David Attenborough in BBC’s Planet Earth III, was found here by our team?

The Atmosphere house reef is a marine sanctuary roped off by buoys. Marine park rangers are patrolling, making sure the sanctuary rules are followed. Fishing or touching the reef is not allowed and if you want to swim, snorkel, or dive, we will pay a marine park fee for you which contributes to the upkeep of the marine park.

Fitness in our warrior gym

If you want to stay active without leaving the resort, you will find our Warrior gym beautifully situated below the mango trees near the resort entrance. It has a variety of obstacles and equipment needed for a good workout. With monkey bars, balancing beams, pull-up bars, tractor tires, rope climbs, parallel bars, TRX bands and much more, you can be sure to give yourself a thorough workout.

There is also a shaded area with kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and much more. Do not hesitate to ask for boxing gloves or yoga mats to further enhance your workout. They are stored at the Fitness reception.

We offer daily fitness classes (except Sunday) conducted by our certified personal trainer in TRX, circuit training, CrossFit and body conditioning. We conduct private classes offering more personalized workout sessions and we also offer pre-dive stretching, a great way to begin your day.

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Yoga and meditation in the treehouse

At Atmosphere, we believe in the power of yoga for health and well-being. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced we have classes for everyone. Our classes are usually held twice daily and offer a chance to improve fitness and mental relaxation.

Our elevated beautiful yoga platform surrounded by nature just at the beachfront can accommodate up to 10 people. It provides a peaceful space for yoga practice and meditation. All our yoga and meditation classes are guided by our experienced and certified in-house yoga teacher. Read more about yoga at Atmosphere.

Another key to staying healthy is to also understand the benefit of physical and mental calm and relaxation. At Atmosphere’s Sanctuary Spa, we also offer meditation and relaxation classes. Imagine being led through a meditation class on u treetop platform, with only the sound of the ocean and leaves to distract you! Read more about our mediation classes.

Wine tasting with our sommelier

Uncover the artistry of wine with our hugely popular wine tastings, held in our purpose-built tasting room. It is a unique guest experience for both the cunning wine lover and for those who are just starting their wine journey.

Our wine tasting is hosted by our experienced wine sommelier. You will be taken through the fine differences of specially selected wines and be able to sample various grapes. Whether you like our house wine or our finest Bordeaux, we will find interesting wines from our expansive wine selection that suits you. The list currently holds almost 100 wines from all over the world, stored at perfect temperature in our wine cellar. This is a great opportunity to pick the wine you’ll later have or dinner!

Our standard wine tasting consists of 7 wines, but we are happy to expand the selection to include even more variety if you wish.

Explore further details in the Dining and Wining Section, or feel free to make enquiries directly to

Private dinner services at Atmosphere – enjoy Al Fresco dining

Maybe you have something to celebrate? A birthday, a wedding or an anniversary – or maybe a work milestone? Make the most out of your stay at Atmosphere by experiencing our special dinner services.

For larger groups, we recommend a beach barbecue, a family style meal or a set fine dining menu at the beachfront. Or how about booking our Ocean Restaurant space next to the wine tasting room? Our executive chefs have a selection of menus to choose from. Choose from Filipino buffets with lechon, intercontinental 3-course meals or anything in between – the choice is yours!

We also offer private dinners for guests who intimately wish to celebrate that special occasion. Private dinners can be held in our treehouse overlooking the ocean or as a romantic setup on the beach. It can also be set up at our three infinity pools or even on your private terrace. We will add candles and flowers, and you add romance. We ask private diners to order from our Ocean fine dining menu or to pay a fee per person for the experience. We can also assist you with more elaborate setups. Send us an enquiry and we can help you make your dinner experience extra special.

We also offer in-room dining for your convenience. We are happy to bring your breakfast, lunch or dinner to your room for you to dine on your terrace, for a small fee. Check our menus and explore further in the dining section.

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