Yoga is the essence of Atmosphere’s approach to health and well-being. Embraced by many, it can be practiced on a simple level for fitness and mental relaxation or on a deeper level to penetrate all aspects of life. Yoga at any level is a key to good healthy living and a full appreciation of both the mind and body.

At Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, classes are held twice daily, from beginners to intermediate and advanced level. Present in the grounds, nestled high in the trees and overlooking the ocean is an elevated yoga platform which can accommodate up to 12 yogis, come rain or shine. All classes are between 1-1,5 hours and guided by our experienced and certified E-RYT 200 in-house yoga teachers.

Our Yoga Styles at Atmosphere

General Yoga – Perfect for the beginner yogi or for someone who desires a gently paced class.

Intermediate – Classes for yogis with more experience who wish for the challenge of a more dynamic class.

Private Yoga – Ideal for any aspiring yogi. Private yoga is a good way to introduce yourself to yoga or deepen your practice with one-on-one tuition where many different styles can be explored.

Kids Yoga – classes are 30 minutes in duration and are for either 3-5 year olds or 6-11 year olds. Children are taken on an imaginary journey incorporating yoga postures and relaxation.

Yin Assisted Yoga – A wonderful massage-like. passive approach to yoga. Lie back and listen to music as the yoga teacher moves your body through a variety of postures. Strongly mimicking Thai yoga massage, you will feel stretched, relaxed and rejuvenated after the unique session.

Yoga Retreats at Atmosphere

Why not indulge in a personalized Yoga Retreat at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa and give yourself time to enhance your overall health and well being. We offer a full comprehensive yoga menu year round, including asana practice, pranayama, relaxation, meditation, yoga philosophy and nutrition workshops. Yoga classes are held twice daily (one on a Sunday) with an early morning meditation to compliment your practice.

With two yoga teachers on site each day with varied teaching backgrounds, we offer an array of different yoga style’s to tempt you with, all classes are  held in our beautiful ocean-facing tree top yoga studio, the perfect place to practice.

Atmosphere boasts many activities that can complement your yoga retreat such as fitness classes, personal training, mountain biking, guided running, hiking, snorkeling, diving as well as many other excursions in and around Dumaguete.

If that isn’t enough, then why not pamper yourself by integrating a spa treatment in our award winning The Sanctuary Spa to your retreat program?

Whether you want to stay for a weekend or a week we can tailor make a package for you.

Contact Rae Collins at for more information.

Relaxation and meditation

A big part of healthy living is to appreciate how beneficial it is to engage in physical and mental relaxation. The Sanctuary Spa at Atmosphere offers both relaxation and meditation classes. The main difference being that a relaxation class focus’s on relaxing both the body and the mind whereas meditation is about stilling the mind. Both classes are 30 minutes in duration and are guided by one of our in house yoga teachers.