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A Family Holiday in the Philippines at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa – All you need to know

Planning a family holiday in the Philippines filled with fun for everyone? Want to keep…
Marine Biology
Meet the psychedelic sea slugs! 10 cool facts about nudibranchs
An aerial picture of Apo Island near Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, Dauin, Philippines
Dive travel
Love turtles? See our top 5 reasons to visit the amazing Apo Island
Chef Jun Tubog at Atmosphere Resorts in the Philippines shows the art of plating
Creating masterpieces on a plate
A photo of a blue-ringed octopus showing its iridescent blue rings
Marine Biology
Look but don’t touch! Fun facts about the blue-ringed octopus
Marine Biology
Learn critter-spotting secrets with the Critters of Dauin Specialty!
Two people having massage in a pavilion in a spa
Why you should treat yourself to a magical massage in the Philippines
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