Healthy living is a cornerstone at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa in the Philippines. Our Sanctuary Spa has expanded during the years, as well as our yoga services. We have also introduced Atmosphere’s detox, nutrition and wellness packages. With this came the need for a food selection that caters to this growth and we were very proud to have added the Healthy living section to our menu.

All menus at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa have ample choice of both vegetarian and vegan dishes, even our children’s menus. The separate Healthy living section takes a simple approach; clean healthy living. We appreciate that everyone approaches healthy eating in different ways. At Atmosphere, healthy living focuses on the use of lean meats, healthy proteins, whole grains, good fats, fresh & locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, low salt and limited sugar. On the menu you can expect to see a sample of raw foods, gluten free and vegan meals along with plenty of low fat and high protein options. All of it delicious of course!

Atmosphere’s in house yoga teacher and nutrition adviser Rae Collins advocates that a healthy mind and body are key to stress management and a balanced approach to living. Rae has, together with Atmosphere’s Executive Chef Denver Wickenhäuser, been the driving force behind the healthy living menu. We appreciate at Atmosphere that our resort guests all come with a variety of dietary requests or needs and very often a wish to engage in healthy yet delicious eating also whilst on holiday in the Philippines.

Sourcing locally made and grown produce was important when creating the Healthy living dishes. Our herbs and vegetables are grown in the area and arrive at the resort fresh and un-packaged, minimizing the use of plastic and styrofoam. Our tofu and goat cheese are produced here in Dumaguete and our fish is fresh from local Filipino fishermen.

We hope that our guests are as excited by the option of Healthy living as we are.