Manjuyod sandbar in Bais

Bais, a city north of Dumaguete and approximately 2 hours north of Atmosphere is situated on a part of Negros island where the coastline curves back on itself creating a bay and the Tañon Strait opens up before it. In the middle of the bay sits the gorgeous white Manjuyod Sandbar. The sandbar is only a 15/20 minute boat trip from Bais pier and we will take you there by air conditioned van and then transfer to a boat. You can relax on the boat and sandbar with a picnic lunch provided by Atmosphere, go for a swim or join one of the organized water activities by the sandbar.

Whilst there, take advantage of the beautiful panoramic views of mountainous Negros and neighbouring Cebu Island or join a dolphin watching tour (below). Just be aware that the sandbar is only visible at low tide, the time of which changes every day. There are times when the sandbar is not visible at all, or when the sandbar is as wide as a large beach. Let us know what day you are planning on going, and we can find out for you if it is a good day or not.

Dolphin watching in Tañon Strait

Bais is a community north of Dumaguete approximately 2 hours from Atmosphere. It borders on the Tañon Strait, between Negros and Cebu islands, which is a natural habitat for several dolphin species that you can watch from the boat early in the morning. You may encounter the Pan Tropical Spotted Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Long Snouted Spinner Dolphins as well as other rarer species.