Bird watching

The bird life in Negros Oriental is astounding, with around 315 bird species in the province. We are fortunate to have a mix of indigenous and migratory species all year round, which is ideal for bird watching.

Lake Balinsasayao Twin Lakes natural park is a protected area around 45 kilometers from Atmosphere, set on the slopes of Mount Talinis. It is formed by two lakes set in the mountains, 330 meters above sea level. The bird life here is astounding, with around 150 bird species of which many can be seen near the borders of the two lakes, from wetlands to deep forest.

Our bird watching tours begin early morning and depending on your energy level, we can take you on a shorter walk or extend it to a longer hike with the option of using a boat to cross the lake. We provide a bird watching guide, binoculars and literature containing the local birds in our area, making the tour even more worthwhile!

Fun fact! The “balinsasayao” or “balinsasayaw” is actually the local name of the bird species swiftlet. The swiftlet builds its nest exclusively of solidified salive, and this is the main ingedient of bird’s nest soup, a delicacy of Chinese cuisine.