A wine that matches your food and your mood

We hold over 80 wines from all over the world in our wine cellar, sourced from old and new wineries. To guarantee top quality each wine variety is handpicked from boutique estates and our stock is constantly reviewed and updated.

To ensure optimum taste and aging our wines are stored in a climatically controlled wine cellar just behind the boutique. In our fine dining restaurant, Ocean, our wine tasting room is a great place to spend time choosing the perfect wine to complement your meal. Fancy a visit? Both the wine cellar and tasting room are open to guests.

Why not book a wine tasting session? A unique guest experience hosted by our wine connoisseur. You will be taken through the subtle differences of specially selected wines and able to sample various grapes, while also enjoying a deluxe bread and cheese platter. Whether you take a fancy to our house wine or our finest Bordeaux, we will find something that suits you.

The wine tasting room at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa
The wine cellar at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa