Exceptional dive facilities and personalised service at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

A better dive center, dive team and dive boats would be hard to find. We are proud to offer a personalized service for our guests whilst at the same time having the capacity to welcome big groups of divers. Each diving day gives divers the option of diving off our house reef, diving along the coast of Dauin on our speed boats, and most days also offer half day trips to Apo island. We keep dive groups small with no more than 4 divers per Divemaster/Spotter,  to make sure divers get the personal attention and get to see the critters they deserve.

Our spacious PADI Dive Centre offers a full range of PADI courses in multiple languages and exceptional facilities. Whether a beginner diver, a snorkeler or an experienced underwater photographer, we will cater to your every need. We offer dive packages, unlimited scuba diving, diving off the beach, boat diving, diving day trips and dusk- as well as night dives.

Atmosphere’s PADI 5* Dive Center

At the the heart of the resort lies Atmosphere’s state of the art PADI 5* Career Development Center. We offer a full range of PADI courses from beginner to professional training, specialty courses and underwater photo workshops.

As a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center, we understand the need for space in our wet facilities but also the growing demand for technological requirements. With this in mind, guests enjoy private dive equipment storage spaces, wireless internet, complimentary Nitrox for all nitrox-certified guests, a camera/video room with private work space for each diver, a retail boutique, full equipment rental and a spacious briefing area. Our large (20 x 9 meters) infinity pool is divided into a shallow (1.2 meters) and deep area (3 meters) which makes it ideal for scuba courses. The ocean with our spectacular house reef is then just a step away.

Our modern Nitrox membrane compressor system is brand new and adjacent to our dive classroom, which can hold up to 15 scuba students at the same time

Atmosphere's experienced dive team

Atmosphere’s dive team, boat crew and dive support crew makes the biggest difference to your dive holiday. The dive staff comprises of Atmosphere’s Dive Center Manager, our resident PADI Course Director, as well as an experienced team of more than 10 multilingual PADI Instructors and Dive Masters. Our team can guide and teach in English, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Tagalog, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian, from Discovery Scuba Diving up to PADI Instructor level. Our experienced PADI Dive Masters/Spotters will find you the rarest critters imaginable without harming the marine life, and keep you safe at the same time.

There is rarely any need for you to do anything yourself, except dive and have a good time. Our team will bring your dive gear to the boats and set it up, carry your camera and rinse your equipment afterwards. Drinks will await you on the beach after dives, and hot face towels when you exit the water onto our boats.

Atmosphere's dive boats

Atmosphere has three main purpose made dive boats. Victoria is a beautiful 84 foot long, local banka boat with the traditional outriggers. Victoria is used mainly for longer trips such as Apo Island or the dive sites further south. She always carry towels, drinking water, soft drinks, coffee, tea and hot chocolate as well as fruits and snacks,

Eve and Kay are 30 foot long speedboats and they can take you to anyt of the Dauin coastal marine sanctuaries within 15 minutes of the resort. Fresh fruits, drinks, towels and face towels are standard on our speed boats. If you desire your own private dive guide or private boat, it can easily be arranged.