Cancellations due to COVID-19

Currently we are receiving a lot of enquiries about our cancellation policy due to COVID-19. We are very aware of the COVID-19 situation and the travel restrictions and/or travel warnings that many countries are now enforcing, some of which may vary from country to country.

If you cannot travel due to the COVID-19, we will honor the monies paid and move your booking to dates within a 12-18 month period from your original date of arrival, depending on your country of residence. For this to be applicable, one of the following must apply;

  • Your country of residences prevents you from departing due to their governmental guidelines
  • The Philippines prevents you from entering due to their governmental guidelines and restrictions on your country of residence
  • If you have contracted the virus and can provide medical evidence to support this.

With the above in mind please note that the Philippines has a current travel restriction prohibiting entry until April 14th 2020. If your rebooking falls outside of this period may we urge you to wait for further travel updates. If you are certain that your travel plans have changed and none of the above applies we are happy to provide a letter for insurance claims purposes.

Standard cancellation policy for FIT bookings

If you wish to cancel your stay with us please send a cancellation email to us to tell us. As set out below and depending on when we receive a cancellation email, we may keep a percentage of the amount you have been required to pay in advance of check-in (the “Payment”).

  • Email received more than 3 months prior to date of check-in, we would not retain any percentage of Payment;
  • Email received 3 months or less, but more than 2 months, prior to check-in, we would retain 10% of Payment;
  • Email received 2 months or less, but more than 1 month, prior to check-in, we would retain 25% of Payment (and where your booking includes during a peak period (as detailed on our website) any email received 6 weeks or less, but more than 1 month, prior to check-in, we would retain 75% of Payment);
  • Email received by us 1 month or less prior to check-in, we would retain 100% of Payment;

If you have cancelled your stay and we are returning monies to you, our refund will be net of any bank charges we incur.

Please be informed cancellation policy varies for group bookings. Contact for any group booking related questions.

No Show & Refund Policy

No show charges shall be equivalent to the total room charges for the entire length of stay. Please be aware that bank charges will not be covered for any refund given.

Payment Instructions

We do accept payment either bank deposit, telegraphic bank transfer or via credit card. Our Invoice amount is NET of any bank charges – if payment via credit card, please be informed of additional charge to be added on top of the amount. The amount that Atmosphere Resorts & Spa receives should be equivalent to the amount required for your reservation.


All payments are to be in Philippine Pesos unless otherwise agreed prior to payment.