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Marine Life is Close to our Hearts at Atmosphere

At Atmosphere, we are fortunate to be situated alongside the warm waters of the Philippine Sea on the coast of Dauin, with its incredible variety of critter species – and just across from Apo Island with its world-famous coral reefs. There is no surprise that workshops and courses focusing on our incredible marine life and critters are in high demand at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa.

We have our own in-house marine biologist who dives with our guests. Marine life presentations are held several evenings per week giving guests an insight into the incredible critters of Dauin, the history of Apo Island and the problems our oceans are facing with plastic pollution (among other topics!).

We are keen to get to know our local turtles and encourage guests to submit photos of the individuals they have encountered. Our marine biologist will search our database to check whether we have seen an individual before, if not, you’re free to name that turtle! Our images are also submitted to a much larger database hosted by LAMAVE, a local marine conservation charity.

Want to know more? For a small fee, our marine biologist will dive exclusively with you and share his passion and knowledge of the marine environment. Do your kids love the underwater world? We also offer programs for children!

Critters of Dauin PADI Distinctive Specialty at Atmosphere

Are you a diver who loves cryptic and colourful critters and would like to know more about what makes them tick? Do you think “how on earth did they find that?” when your dive guide points out a tiny hairy shrimp? Then this specialty is for you. Created by our previous in-house marine biologist and now taught exclusively at Atmosphere by our current marine biologist, the course begins with an engaging presentation, followed by two exciting critter hunt dives.

Participants will learn about the biology, ecology and defining characteristics of species within the main taxonomic groups. They will learn how to identify local species by their intricate differences, and also be let into the secrets our dive guides use to locate even the smallest and cryptic of critters, and how to best encounter them while limiting our potential environmental impact.

Marine conservation and environmental awareness

We are lucky at Atmosphere to have a spectacular and protected house reef, along with several more small marine sanctuaries spread along Dauin’s coast.

Our dive centre has a no-touch, no gloves, no feeding, no anchoring policy, and we actively show and promote a diving etiquette video (watch below) to inform our guests.

Explore the world of marine conservation with the Institute for Marine Research (IMR)!

IMR, a grassroots non-profit organization based in Dauin, focuses on long-term research to protect coastal marine ecosystems. Join them in their mission to educate, transform, and encourage local marine conservation strategies. Co-founded by the owners of Atmosphere, IMR offers multiple ways for you to get involved and make a difference.

Discover various volunteer options, tailored for both seasoned researchers and enthusiastic novices. Programs at IMR range from 4 to 18 weeks, allowing volunteers to engage in cutting-edge research and gain valuable skills in data management. You can even combine them with your dive course! Dive into the Dauin Long-Term Reef Monitoring Project, initiated in February 2019, which identifies “areas of concern” which need marine conservation intervention. Engage in coral restoration through the Functional Restoration and Growth Studies (FRAGS) project, using corals of opportunity (COPs) that have been broken off either from storms or divers. These are then replanted to try and restore areas with low coral coverage. Join our citizen science volunteers each week as we replant corals and monitor their growth to study the effectiveness of restoration efforts.

For an immersive experience in scientific exploration, participate in our weekly scientific dives. Be part of hands-on research activities that contribute to our global mission of battling climate change and protecting our oceans.

Ready to join? Learn more about volunteering and donation opportunities with IMR. Let’s make a positive impact on marine research and conservation together!

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