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The Atmosphere soup kitchen (ASK)

Atmosphere has created, and continues to support many local initiatives, bringing further social and economic benefits to the local community, such as the Atmosphere soup kitchen (ASK).

ASK was founded in June 2011

At ASK, we provide up to 80 children with a balanced lunch five days a week. ASK is located in the community that surrounds the Dumaguete dump site and is considered one of the most impoverished areas. The aim is direct and simple: provide one nutritional balanced meal per day to school children between the ages of 6-12 so that they will stay in school instead of scavenging on the dump site. This also offers the parents an alternative way to provide for their children as the program runs on volunteer duties.

Through generous donations, we have been able to provide birthday and Christmas presents to all ASK children, hold yearly beach parties, Christmas parties and Graduation celebrations and reward the ASK students with the highest honours. We have also been able to provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, vitamins, school supplies and much more.


We visit ASK every week – please inquire at the front desk if you would like to join us or contact

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