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Supporting local businesses

Responsible sourcing of products used throughout the resort has enabled us to support local and environmentally conscious suppliers, from the soft furnishings in the rooms, the food served within the restaurant, and the items available within the resort boutique.

Lumago Designs

Founded in 2011, Lumago provided alternative livelihoods for women whose families had suffered following a devastating typhoon, and continues to grow and flourish. Beautiful jewelry creations are made from up-cycled materials such as paper, leather, plastic, drink cans and scraps of fabric. The ladies creating the jewelry also create place mats, purses and other beautiful items. Lumago Designs has flourished and is now sold both internationally and throughout the Philippines, including in our boutique.

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Based in Cebu, Philippines, EcoVie transforms waste materials from amongst other things juice cartons, soda cans and beer cans into beautiful bags and purses, sold internationally but also in our Boutique. Every year, EcoVie also creates stunning Christmas ornaments.

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Also based in Cebu, Anthill weaves traditional Filipino fabrics and have developed a no-waste fabric, produced from waste pieces. It’s this beautiful fabric from Anthill that adorns many of the soft furnishings within our guest rooms.

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