Step ashore on Apo Island, Siquijor and Sumilon island

The Philippines has among the largest numbers of islands in the world. In an archipelago comprised of over 7000 tropical islands, a couple of them are just on our doorstep. We can take you to at least one of them on-board one of Atmosphere’s boats, others can be reached by nearby ferries, or we suggest booking a small private airplane that will take you from Dumaguete Airport and fly to your island of choice for a great aerial view.

Apo Island - sea turtles and spectacular coral reefs

Join Atmosphere for some excellent snorkelling in Apo Island. It is an unforgettable island hopping trip and a must for both non-divers and divers. A small fishing community inhabits the island, which also has a church, a lighthouse, a small school and a marine sanctuary. Only 40 minutes away by boat from Atmosphere, we conduct trips to Apo Island several times per week, weather permitting. Apo Island is surrounded by lush coral reefs with a myriad of turtles and colorful reef fish. The reefs are undamaged and very healthy, and the variety of both hard and soft corals is incredible! But what Apo Island is most famous for are the sea turtles. Hundreds of green and hawksbill turtles inhabit the waters around the island and many of them are so used to humans that they keep munching on their meal of choice and won’t move, even if you come really close.

It is an excellent spot for both the beginner snorkeler and experienced free diver as well as the scuba diver. Near the shore, there is also a shallow turtle sanctuary where you can watch the turtles graze on the sea grass. When you visit Apo island with Atmosphere, yu will always be on a large and safe bangka boat, we will provide a snorkelling guide for snorkelers and a dive guide for divers (max 4 divers per guide). We also bring life jackets and life rings for our guests to hold on to. There will be drinks and snacks provided and the cost of the marine park fees are included in the price. Apo Island trips leave around 8am and come back around 1pm – unless you book a private boat of course! Then you can leave a little later and have that nice long sleep-in.

Siquijor Island, Sumilon Island and other islands

Siquijor Island is on our horizon (literally!) and is a popular spot with its waterfalls, caves and white beaches. The island of Siquijor is famous for its folk healing traditions and has been unfairly characterized as the land of witchcraft and sorcery. One of the most intriguing and enigmatic islands in the Philippines, its healers are supposed to have special powers. Siquijor is also rumoured to be home to supernatural creatures, such as aswangs (vampires), agtas (giants), and engkantos (environmental spirits). But we can safely say that these stories are only classic myths made up a long time ago, to protect this island-province from the influx of intruders.

The mysterious and beautiful Siquijor is a big island with a lot to offer, which is why we have two separate itineraries. The Cultural itinerary will focus on old churches, museums and famous landmarks, whereas the Active itinerary will focus more on waterfalls, beaches and nature experiences. The itineraries can be discussed with the guide to fit your interests, to make the best out of your day trip.

The islands of Sumilon, Bohol, Cebu and Balicasag are a bit further but are excellent places to go by plane or overnight by one of many ferries that traffic the waters around Atmosphere.