Kawasan Falls canyoning

Kawasan Falls are located on the west side of Cebu island, around 2,5 hours from Atmosphere. The falls are in fact many and connected by a river, which makes this an exhilarating and exciting all day canyoning adventure. We will take you to the beginning of the falls in an Atmosphere van (with a short ferry ride between islands), and you can look forward to 3-4 very scenic hours in the turquoise water of the Kawasan canyon. There are falls and jumping off points of heights between 2 and 12 meters, swings, dams and even a Zipline for those who are keen.

Climb Mt Talinis

With the beautiful Mt Talinis as a backdrop to Atmosphere Resorts, climbing it is a great adventure. Mount Talinis is just over 1900 meters high and the volcanic activity in the past has created stunning landscapes with crater lakes, sulfur vents, and dead forests present in the otherwise dense jungle. The trek is quite demanding but can be done in one long day for the adventurous hiker. The summit is heavily forested and sometimes covered with fog or clouds, but the mountainside offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The hike is always led by a licensed guide and hiking poles are recommended.

Mountain Biking

With nature and beautiful scenery on our doorstep, mountain biking is sometimes the best way to explore the area. We run guided mountain biking experiences, where our experienced guide will take you on one of the many local trails. The trails range from novice, perfect for beginners or families, to more technical and challenging adventures for the more experienced rider. Each trail combines exercise with scenic views of neighboring Islands and visits to local landmarks.