Honeymoon at Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. A short flight from Manila or Cebu to an amazing honeymoon location in Dumaguete, this is the time to relax and indulge in luxury.

You can now leave all the wedding planning and stresses behind you. You are in love, you are married: It’s time to relax and indulge! Atmosphere is set in a luscious tropical garden on a quiet beach, full of private hideaways and romantic activities. We believe you both deserve the most luxurious honeymoon ever, and Atmosphere can provide you with the perfect setting. Whether you want to relax by the pool, snorkel with turtles and whale sharks or go on new and fun adventures with your loved one, we have plenty of honeymoon activities to keep you busy.

  • Start married life by making new memories: Learn to dive together in one of the best tropical diving locations in the world, while taking full advantage of our luxury service dive centre.
  • Already divers? You can take to our clear, turquoise waters with your couple’s scuba diving package on Atmosphere’s critter-heaven house reef.
  • Indulge yourselves with our decadent and extensive food menus: Book your private dinner for two in our beach-front tree house. Maybe add a private wine tasting for that perfect evening?
  • While away, spend your days with your lover in our romantic secret Sanctuary Spa. Enjoy couple’s massage packages followed by a long sumptuous couple’s bath – this is a must!
  • Atmosphere Resorts & Spa faces east, perfectly situated for a romantic walk along the beach at sunrise, at that time of day we could almost guarantee you the whole beach to yourselves!
  • If you’re bringing children along, rest assured that we can provide in-house babysitters and entertainment with our Kids’ Cove programs, so that you can focus on each other when you wish to do so.
  • Chill out to the max and listen to the sound of the waves with couple’s yoga, guided by one of our in-house certified yoga teachers.
  • Most importantly, Atmosphere boasts giant rooms with big luxurious California king size beds, private pools, private gardens and Penthouse suites. If there weren’t so many other activities, you could almost spend your whole honeymoon there!

You may want to explore the area around Dumaguete during your stay with us. We are blessed with a wide range of excursions outside of the resort. It is a perfect way to experience the local culture and terrain together.

  • If you enjoy hiking, hidden cascading waterfalls await you deep in the mysterious Mount Talinis.
  • Take a private dive boat to Apo Island where you and your love can frolic with the turtles and schools of Jack fish.
  • Head over to Bais, watch whales and dolphins chasing the boat in the morning stillness and relax on the remote white sand bar in the middle of the sea for the rest of the day.
  • Get to know each other even better on a Dumaguete City Tour, experience local foods, markets and landmarks.
  • Why not take advantage of the reviving volcanic hot springs with the cool mountain air, a perfect place to get cosy.

However you wish to spend your time with us, Atmosphere strives to ensure it is the ultimate romantic getaway for you both so you can spend your honeymoon dedicated to each other.