Swim with Whale Sharks

Near Oslob village on Cebu Island, 1,5 hours away from Atmosphere by van and boat, a group of whale sharks congregate year-round in a shallow bay. We will bring you there from Atmosphere in an air-conditioned van and from the beach, you can step into a small boat and watch the whale sharks from the surface. Those who wish, can get in the water and swim/snorkel with these gentle giants. Scuba diving may be harmful or uncomfortable to them and therefore Atmosphere choose to be one of the resorts who do not offer scuba diving with whale sharks. For more information on this excursion, read Atmosphere’s marine biologist Kirsty’s blog about the whale sharks in Oslob.

There is the option of stopping for other activities such as the Tumalog waterfalls or a city tour in Dumaguete on the way back to the resort.