Children’s pools

At Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, we have three separate pool areas. One pool is deeper and reserved for adults, but the two other pools welcome children of all ages. The pool by Breeze restaurant is around 130 cm deep and allows parents to supervise their children poolside or from Breeze restaurant. The Family Pools is a second pool system which consists of 3 separate pools, all quite shallow. The deepest pool is around 100 cm deep and has a small waterfall, then there is a medium-depth pool plus a large baby pool, shaded by a beautiful kalachuchi-tree. These pools are set in a tranquil area by our bakery/Coffee Shop. The third adult pool (minimum age is 12) is set in the middle by our Pool bar, and has a deep end reaching almost 3 meters. We reserve this pools for adults and occasionally we will teach scuba classes here.

Kids’ Cove

Our Kids’ Cove activities are set in our dive classroom, a large light and airy glass-walled room with plenty of furniture and free space for the activities for the day. Adjacent to the room, we have a storage room for all our Kids’ Cove equipment, toys and educational materials, that we bring out for our arts & crafts sessions. There is also a very large flat screen TV on the wall for movie watching, as well as bean bags and rubber mats to sit on.

The playground at ONE International School

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa is built in conjunction with ONE International School, an international school serving children from 2 to 14 years of age. The school has a big playground as well as a football field and a small basketball pitch. This playground is open for guests’ children outside of school hours, meaning Saturdays and Sundays, school holidays and sometimes also between 4.30 – 5.30 in the afternoons. Please note though that children cannot go to the playground unsupervised, we will require a parent, guardian or babysitter to come along.