Explore the beauty of Negros Oriental

Negros Oriental is renowned for outstanding natural beauty and fascinating culture. The vast mountain ridge behind Atmosphere is home to many scenic lakes and thundering waterfalls and  there are many fiestas, carnivals and local markets. Beautiful and mysterious islands with amazing snorkeling and the possibility to spot whales and dolphins are close by. The city of Dumaguete is a university-town with a long breezy seaside boulevard and historical buildings.

Dumaguete City Tour

Dumaguete, the largest city in Negros Oriental is a bustling town with four Universities, the most famous one being Siliman University, which has a well-known marine biology laboratory. Dumaguete is also the principal seaport in the area with a breezy seaside boulevard, where you can sit with a drink or two in one of the many bars, cafes and restaurants. For visitors, the old belltower and oldest stone church in Negros Oriental are worth a visit. There is a big and bustling covered market in the midst of town and an anthropology museum housed in the oldest building of Siliman University. The city also has a modern mall and movie theatre.

Valencia Tour

See something else other than the beach by visiting the small mountain town of Valencia, only 30 minutes from Atmosphere. Whilst there, visit a fruit farm that grows a variety of tropical fruits such as the durian, rambutan, lanzones and mangosteen. Take a peak in a local home that has a collection of WW2 memorabilia and finish the tour by going to the forest camp, a picnic site built next to a creek with eight man-made swimming pools. The Valencia tour can be paired with a visit to waterfalls and hot springs.

Valencia hot springs and Pulang Bato waterfalls

Whilst visiting Valencia, why not combine it with a visit to the hot springs and the Pulang Bato waterfall? The hot springs are naturally hot and slightly sulfurous, fed directly from the mountain into manmade hot pools, famed for their medicinal properties. The waterfall is named after the red rocks surrounding it and is a great place to cool off after a visit to the hot springs.

Balanan lake

Balanan lake is a deep freshwater lake found in the mountains of Barangay Sandulot in Siaton, Southern Negros. The lake is bounded by mountain ranges and fed by three streams making the ride through the mountains on the way very scenic. Activities offered include hiking along the pathways around the lake, fishing, kayaking and boat riding. Just down from the lakes are three man-made plunge pools which are perfect for a refreshing swim after your walk around the lakes. Do not miss the 300 year old balete tree by the entrance.

Baslay Coffee Plantation

The mountainside near Atmosphere is ideal for growing coffee. Join our local experienced guide and explore the coffee plantation of Baslay, about 30 minutes from Atmosphere. After a scenic drive through colorful local villages, you’ll arrive at the Highland coffee plantation. Come on a short hike on a jungle path, where you can taste coffee beans growing on trees as well as spotting native birds, butterflies and exotic plants. After enjoying the panoramic views from the native bamboo tower lookout, sit back and enjoy a cup of the locally brewed coffee and a local sweet treat.

Twin lakes & bird watching

Twin lakes (or Lakes Balinsasayao) are two deep freshwater lakes located in the northern parts of Negros Oriental. The lakes are 330 meters above sea level adjoined by narrow mountain ridge. There is kayaking and hiking and a viewing tower from which you have beautiful views of both lakes. There is also a waterfall for those who venture a little further around the lakes. The area is also well known for its bird life, and if you wish, you can add bird watching to your Twin Lakes tour, with an experienced bird watching guide.

Casaroro waterfall

A 40 meter tall single column of water drops into a swimming basin of cold water that is surrounded by steep rock walls. Constantly misty and green, the site is stunning and a very popular excursion site for those looking for a bit of adventure. Be aware that there are 300 something steps to get down to the falls  – and to get back up. Luckily, you can freshen up with a brisk swim in the cool mountain water before you start your climb back.

Malatapay Market

Wednesday mornings at Malatapay Market are abuzz with activity. This is a local meeting place for traders, merchandisers, shoppers and visitors. On display is food, vegetables and fruit, tools and household items. But most interesting must be the livestock market: cows, goats and pigs in abundance meet their fate here in the early morning. Visit the market to see the hustle and bustle, and taste some sweet banana fritters and local coffee. Or why not sample some Lechon Baboy (roast pork) with a Cold San Miguel beer?

Malmag falls & Coffee plantation

We are surrounded by rivers and waterfalls and Malmag falls is one of the nearest and prettiest ones close to the village of Dauin. Hike into the forest to discover the incredible rock formations of Malmag falls. After wading through shallow water, you’ll reach the falls where you can take a dip in the shallow basin. All ages can enjoy this tour and it is perfect for families who want to experience some local flora and fauna. Proceed on from here to the coffee plantation.

Atmosphere Soup Kitchen (ASK)

Atmosphere Resorts sponsors a soup kitchen program that provides 80 children with a balanced lunch 5 days a week. The children are from a impoverished area in Dumaguete, 30 minutes away from the resort. The success of the program is owed to the mothers of the children who run the program, prepare, serve. Atmosphere staff visits ASK weekly and we are thrilled for guests to join us on this complimentary excursion.