Rae Collins with Kino MacGregor during her satay at Atmosphere in the PhilippinesYoga

We are all children of the Universe – meeting Kino MacGregor

When I found out that Kino MacGregor along with her husband Tim Feldmann from Miami life center were due to stay at Atmosphere Resorts, I was beside myself with excitement. I first discovered and committed to the ashtanga primary series as an asana practice a number of years ago, I spent a lot of time reading, googling and collecting DVD’s. Living in an area where there were limited yoga classes…
Rae Collins
16th May 2016
Tim Feldmann from Miami Life Center visits and teaches a yoga class at Atmosphere Resort in the PhilippinesWellnessYoga

Humbled in the presence of a Yoga Teacher

Yoga with Tim Feldmann in the Philippines One of the perks of working in a high end resort is that we sometimes have famous people come to visit. More often than not I am blissfully ignorant of who they are, but recently we were honored to have two famous Yogis come to stay. No surprises, but not only had I heard of them, not only had I hoped and planned…
Rae Collins
29th February 2016
Kino MacGregor from Kinoyoga during her holiday at Atmosphere Resort PhilippinesNews

World-famous yogi Kino MacGregor visits Atmosphere

When we found out that world-renowned yogi Kino MacGregor and her equally famous husband Tim Feldmann were coming to Manila to hold a yoga workshop, we were very excited to host them for a holiday in Atmosphere. Online, she is known as kino yoga and has a very big following. Together, Kino and Tim run Miami Life Center and when they don’t spend time in Florida, they travel the world…
Ulrika Kroon
25th February 2016
Yoga retreat at Atmosphere Resort Philippines - this is Kino macGregorNews

Yoga Retreats at Atmosphere 2016

Atmosphere had our first yoga retreat in 2015 and had a great response from our guests. The two retreats were a success and we are following the same recipe in 2016. There are yoga retreats scheduled for May 22-29 and September 4-11, but if you are a group of people and keen to deepen your practice another time of the year, contact us. Yoga at Atmosphere involves a mix of…
Ulrika Kroon
30th January 2016

Join us for our second yoga retreat in September

In September 2015, Atmosphere will be offering the second yoga retreat for this year. Choose between 3 or 6 days of yoga during the dates September 6-13. Led by our certified ERYT-200 in-house yoga teacher Rae Collins, you will incorporate daily yoga classes, meditation, presentations and healthy vegetarian meals from our new Healthy Living menu. Whether you chose a long or short retreat and chose to stay in the resort…
Atmosphere Resorts
15th July 2015