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Healthy Living - New Menu at Atmosphere

When boutique resort Atmosphere Resorts & Spa in Dauin, near Dumaguete built a spa and begun yoga classes many years ago, it was with a larger wellness concept in mind. The Sanctuary Spa has expanded and so did the yoga with this year’s week-long yoga retreat programs and the introduction this summer of Atmosphere’s detox, nutrition and wellness packages. With this comes the need for a menu that caters to this growth and we are very proud to announce our Healthy Living Menu at the end of the month. The menu takes a simple approach; clean healthy living. We appreciate …

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yoga retreat

The word retreat literally means to withdraw and that is exactly what I find myself doing when I go on a yoga retreat; withdrawing from the usual stresses of everyday life. I revel in the idea of shaking free the shackles of cell phones, internet connections and work. Just the thought of what goodness the retreat will bring me allows me the luxury of letting go of everyday concerns and enjoying what I love the most; going back to the basics of quiet, calm and clean healthy living. The yoga retreats that I tend to visit are close to the …

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Yoga for Kids

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I teach yoga once a week at One International School, situated on site at Atmosphere Resorts. The kids range from three to six years old and it is incredible how receptive they are at such a young age to the yoga classes. Each week I conjure up a different theme to keep them all interested and engaged. We often go on magical mystery tours, using the vast expanse of imagination that they all seem to have to visit places like the moon in a rocket ship or the depth …

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