Atmosphere Resorts soup kitchen ASK Dumaguete PhilippinesSoup kitchen

Christmas Party at Atmosphere Resorts’ Soup Kitchen

Christmas is about sharing and for this year’s Atmosphere Soup Kitchen Christmas party, the yuletide season was truly in the air. Attended by 85 kids together with their parents, the ASK center was packed with giggles and cheers as everyone gathered around excited for one of the most wonderful times of the year. All ready to start the meals that their parents and some volunteers prepared, the kids said their…
Alma Zosan Alcoran
1st January 2017
Atmosphere Soup Kitchen ASK in Dumaguete receives a visit from CIS - the Chinese International School in Hong KongNews

Hong Kong Students Give Forward at the Atmosphere Soup Kitchen

In October, we welcomed our yearly visit from a group of students from CIS - Chinese International School in Hong Kong. They came to Atmosphere Resort for a week of diving courses and excursions. This group comes every year, and during their stay they want the opportunity to give back to the local community through Atmosphere’s Soup Kitchen. Last year the teenagers sponsored paint and then painted the whole soup…
Ulrika Kroon
14th December 2016
The ladies of Lumago in Dumaguete Philippines showcase their own upcycled paper jewlerySoup kitchen

Lumago Designs is helping to bead the change

During your stay with Atmosphere you might choose to visit ASK - Atmosphere's Soup Kitchen. It is based in one of the most impoverished communities of Dumaguete City next to the dumpsite and is run by the mothers of the around 80 local school children it feeds every day. A separate social enterprise that sprung from Atmosphere’s partnership with the community, Lumago Designs works with these same mothers. Lumago Designs gives these…
Atmosphere Resorts
15th April 2016
The new Atmosphere Soup Kitchen is being builtSoup kitchen

Rebuilding our Soup Kitchen

When Atmosphere Resort’s Soup Kitchen (ASK) opened 3 years ago, it was housed in a building belonging to the Scandinavian Missionary Village, in an impoverished area close to the Dumaguete dump site called Candua-ay. Close to the local school, our hopes were that the local children would be fed a nourishing lunch every day and be able to go to school instead of foraging for scraps on the dump site.…
Rae Collins
27th June 2014
The mothers at the Atmosphere Soup Kitchen showing off their Piggy BankSoup kitchen

The Piggy Bank Project

On a recent visit to the Atmosphere Soup Kitchen (ASK) with resort guests Emma and Lexie from California, we once again had the opportunity to admire the ingenuity of the people living around the dump site in Candau-ay. The Atmosphere Soup Kitchen is a part of our Gives Forward program. It opened in June 2011 and we feed 85 kids five days a week. Why? The main objective is to…
Ulrika Kroon
27th August 2013