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Dedicated underwater fathers - Pygmy seahorse, jawfish, cardinalfish and pipefish, all with eggs in Dauin, Dumaguete, Philippines. Photos by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resort.

When it comes to reproduction in the ocean, things can get a little weird. There are animals that can change sexes (ghost pipefish) as well as animals that are both sexes (nudibranch), and even animals that can jettison an arm to grow a new animal (starfish). There are many fish that have role reversals where the fathers take care of the eggs until they hatch. The most well-known example is the seahorse, but there are many more dedicated underwater fathers that take on the motherly duties. Notice the reproductive pouch of this pregnant pygmy seahorse male Seahorse fathers with eggs …

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Jawfish on the Atmosphere Resorts house reef Jawfish on the Atmosphere Resorts house reef

One of the many awesome critters we have in Dauin – and even better, plenty on the Atmosphere Resorts house reef – is the jawfish. There are roughly 40 species of jawfish, but one species, the Yellowbarred jawfish, is happy to call the our house reef its home. You can find a good number of these small fish (up to 10 cm) below the main reef in the rubble field between 10-15 meters depth. Although they are sometimes hard to spot, if you know where to look on our house reef, notably in round holes about an inch in diameter, …

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Our Amazing House Reef

One of the greatest things about Atmosphere Resorts when it comes to scuba diving is our amazing house reef. We are blessed with a healthy reef with great muck diving right in our own backyard. Or maybe we should call it “front yard” as it is right in front of the resort? Although the Dauin coast here on Negros Oriental has some amazing dive sites, we have many guests who request to dive our house reef multiple times, because there is so much to see! At the moment we are lucky to have a few resident frogfish that keep our …

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