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Atmosphere Soup Kitchen Christmas Party

It has been a good end to  the year for the Atmosphere Soup Kitchen (ASK) where Christmas for the kids and their parents was celebrated in December thanks to all your generous donations. After a hearty meal, the kids and their parents were given gifts brought over to the Philippines by numerous Atmosphere guests. Another big thank you goes to pharmaceutical company Mercury Drug, who organized a second Christmas party with food and toys at their expense. Your donations go a long way and we are very grateful for each and everything we receive!

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Christmas Philippines

Together with the –ber months comes Amihan, our windy season, to breeze the Philippines along to Christmas season. Signaling to Filipinos that it’s now time to unpack colorful lights and decorate the houses, parks, streets and pretty much every corner. Embellished with twinkles and shimmers, everywhere you look is red, gold, silver and green. We celebrate this holiday the longest compared to other countries. But more than the adornments that beautify the whole country, it’s the festive spirit of the Filipino people that shines the brightest during this time of the year.   A Religious Festivity We, Filipinos celebrate Christmas …

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Atmosphere Resorts soup kitchen ASK Dumaguete Philippines

Christmas is about sharing and for this year’s Atmosphere Soup Kitchen Christmas party, the yuletide season was truly in the air. Attended by 85 kids together with their parents, the ASK center was packed with giggles and cheers as everyone gathered around excited for one of the most wonderful times of the year. All ready to start the meals that their parents and some volunteers prepared, the kids said their grace. Guests from the resort served their lunch. A warm thank you to Susana Pascual, Stuart Allen, Tiffany and Luke Xu, Charlotte and Florence Kennish who helped serve lunch at …

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