Mission 2020 is a platform for organisations from the global dive community to come together and pledge to change their practises to help protect and conserve our oceans by World Oceans Day 2020Sustainability

Mission 2020 – An environmental challenge for 2019… and beyond!

Here at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, we are conscious of our environmental impact and have made great strides in limiting any negative effects we may be having on the beautiful environment around us. For 2019 we have decided to challenge ourselves further and have signed up to Mission 2020. Initiated by Fourth Element, Mission 2020 is a platform for organisations from the global dive community to come together and pledge to…
Kirsty Richards
27th January 2019

The Garden Apartments get a fabric face lift

When we opened our latest room type, the Premium Suite, we wanted to go that extra mile to make the textiles and color schemes easy on the eye, current, luxurious and at the same time eco-friendly. Not an easy task but we love how they turned out, so with the renovation of our Garden Apartments, we decided to go with the same recycled textiles from Anthill but in a different…
Ulrika Kroon
15th January 2019
Free water bottles at Atmosphere Resorts PhilippinesNewsSustainabilityWellness

No to plastic – free water bottles

At Atmosphere Resorts we say no to disposable plastic and amongst other environmental efforts, we don't offer plastic water bottles in the rooms. What we do offer though, are free stainless steel water bottles to use during your stay and to take home with you! Filtered drinking water is available throughout the resort - make sure to hydrate!
Becky Stanbridge
7th February 2018
The ladies of Lumago in Dumaguete Philippines showcase their own upcycled paper jewlerySoup kitchen

Lumago Designs is helping to bead the change

During your stay with Atmosphere you might choose to visit ASK - Atmosphere's Soup Kitchen. It is based in one of the most impoverished communities of Dumaguete City next to the dumpsite and is run by the mothers of the around 80 local school children it feeds every day. A separate social enterprise that sprung from Atmosphere’s partnership with the community, Lumago Designs works with these same mothers. Lumago Designs gives these…
Atmosphere Resorts
15th April 2016
No straws? The environment matters at AtmosphereUncategorised

No straws? The environment matters at Atmosphere

At Atmosphere, one of the cornerstones of our business is to be as environmentally friendly as we can. We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts that inevitably result from running a resort. We have set in place a number of policies to ensure that the use of plastic or other harmful or non-recyclable materials is minimized and we recycle as much as possible. We also hope for our…
Ulrika Kroon
15th January 2015