No straws? The environment matters at Atmosphere

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No straws? The environment matters at Atmosphere

At Atmosphere, one of the cornerstones of our business is to be as environmentally friendly as we can. We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts that inevitably result from running a resort. We have set in place a number of policies to ensure that the use of plastic or other harmful or non-recyclable materials is minimized and we recycle as much as possible. We also hope for our guests’ active participation in preserving the environment.


What we do

  • No straws with the drinks
  • The bar and restaurant uses recycled paper napkins, beer coasters and menus


  •  In our bathrooms, you will find refillable ceramic bottles with shampoo, soap and body lotion. The brand is local to the Philippines and the ceramic bottles are made here too.


  • Check-in forms, welcome letters and end-of stay letters are mostly printed on recycled paper
  • The restaurant uses glass jars for jam, butter and marmalade
  • We heat all hot water with solar units
  • Our building materials are locally sourced


  • We launder only towels which are left on the floor and only change bedding every two days
  • Our pools are salt water chlorinated pool, which reduces the need for chemicals dramatically
  • We offer no plastic water bottles, instead providing our own filtered water in glass bottles or stainless steel bottles
  • We segregate our waste
  • In our Boutique, many of the products sold are locally (and beautifully) made from recyclable materials such as paper, leather, soda cans, candy wrapper etc.
  • Our Spa uses local fruits and plants for treatments such as facials and scrubs
  • Our uniforms are sources locally and our t-shirts and sarongs are printed here at Atmosphere


What you can do

  • Minimize hot water consumption – it is warm here and hot water isn’t really that important!
  • Leave room towels on the floor if you want them changed
  •  Only change the beach towels for use around the pool and beach when necessary
  • Shower before entering the pool to minimize our need for chemicals
  • Use Air Conditioning only when necessary, and try to limit your temperature to no lower 24 degrees Celsius. Colder than that is bad for your respiratory system anyway!
  • Turn off the main switch upon leaving the room, which leaves only the refrigerator on
  • Use the provided shampoo, shower gel and lotion carefully
  • Buy our recycled products in the Boutique
  • Join Yoga at Atmosphere – an activity that leaves no carbon dioxide footprint
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