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The ultimate guide to macro photography

Beneath the sparkling turquoise waters of the Philippine’s Dauin coast, a unique community of tiny critters is thriving. Just meters from Atmosphere Resort’s peaceful shoreline, this intriguing ecosystem draws divers and underwater photographers from across the globe. Dauin and the Dumaguete area are a mecca for muck divers, and here at Atmosphere, we are perfectly situated to cater to the most experienced macro enthusiasts. However, we also offer a range…
Atmosphere Resorts
1st September 2020
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Crazy Crab Behaviour

Muck diving has a lot of weird and wonderful critters, but my favorite critters (besides frogfish) are the ones that really go above and beyond when it comes to taking advantage of the environment. Its one thing to change color or simply look like your surroundings, but there are a few crazy crabs I want to highlight that really get their money's worth from the environment. There are many species…
Daniel Geary
12th July 2017
A selection of baby frogfish with a special place in Atmosphere's marine biologist Daniel Geary's heartMarinelifeScuba Divingunderwater photoUnderwater Sightings

Frogfish I have loved

I haven't written a frogfish blog in awhile, terrible I know and I apologize, so in honor of this year's baby frogfish season I have decided to go into my archives and take a look back at some of my all time baby frogfish encounters. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of frogfish in my time working at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, with around 400 different individuals encountered in 2016…
Daniel Geary
15th February 2017

Ghost Pipefish – quite the Crazy Critter

Critters, critters, critters. Critters here, critters there, critters everywhere! Well, that's how it feels here in Dauin at the moment. One critter that seems to be taking over is the ghost pipefish. At my favorite dive site Cars, we usually see between 10 and 20 per dive during the spring months and three different species. Ghost pipefish are a common request by divers here at Atmosphere, and with good reason.…
Daniel Geary
9th June 2015
Critters in Muck at Atmosphere ResortMarinelife

The (almost) complete guide to muck diving

What is muck diving? Why would you want to dive in muck? Don't you like coral? These are some of the questions that many divers are asked when they bring up muck diving in conversation. Some people are turned off by the idea simply because of the name without actually realizing what muck diving is. To us here at Atmosphere, muck diving is an absolutely amazing game of hide-and-go-seek where…
Daniel Geary
26th May 2014