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Well hello there… Rhinopia!

After a couple of weeks of rumors in the area, we can confirm with these awesome shots by Atmosphere's marine biologist Daniel Geary that we do indeed have Rhinopia here in Dauin. Still a baby, this weedy rhinopia (Rhinopias frondosa) hopefully has many friends around. We also hope that he or she will find a nice colored sponge or coral to sit next to and take on a  bit of color…
Daniel Geary
6th May 2018

The Yellow Boxfish Bionic car

One of the cutest, and most awkward, fish in the ocean is the yellow boxfish – specifically the juvenile. We have plenty of them in Dauin and usually have a few residents that live on the house reef. They're not the most graceful, but they're always great fun to watch. Baby Yellow Boxfish The yellow boxfish (Ostracion cubicus) is a common sighting throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with some…
Daniel Geary
10th February 2018
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Two “New” Frogfish!

I saw my first frogfish six years ago in Malapascua, Philippines. It was a giant frogfish, black of course, and I called it grumpy fish. I thought it was cool, and that was that. Fast forward a year later, this time in Oslob one island over, and I found my first frogfish on my own, this time a giant purple one. That was the exact moment I fell in love…
Daniel Geary
8th January 2018
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The Best of Cephalopod Season

Critter life is quite seasonal here in Dauin. Whether its water temperature, wind, changes in underwater habitat, or other environmental factors, there are clear patterns and trends when it comes to fish and other critters. We love October here at Atmosphere because, not only is it octopus and cephalopod season, but it also has a nice ring to it – Octopus October. Truth be told, Octopus October is not entirely…
Daniel Geary
4th January 2018
MarinelifeScuba Diving

Photographing Frogfish

Although they can be difficult to find, frogfish are one of the best subjects for underwater photographers, especially beginners. They come in all different colors, all different sizes, and don't like to move around that much. Sometimes they are so camouflaged or hidden that the resulting photograph is cluttered, boring, or makes it hard to even see where they are. Luckily, there are plenty of techniques when photographing them that…
Daniel Geary
27th October 2017