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Why are there so many sea turtles in Apo Island?

Although Dauin is known around the world for its amazing muck diving, tourism here started for a completely different reason – reef diving and sea turtles. Situated about a 30 minute boat ride from Atmosphere, Apo Island was the original destination for tourists visiting Dauin and Dumaguete in Negros Oriental. It was only after this tourism started that the muck diving here was discovered. In 1985, Apo Island was declared…
Daniel Geary
1st September 2016
Underwater Sightings

Are there sea snakes?

This is a question I am asked very often from divers and snorkelers alike. Snakes, like most creatures in the ocean that are poisonous or venomous, come with misconceptions. Many people are very afraid of sea snakes, but when it comes down to it, they have no reason to be. Not all snakes are venomous – of the four species we have in Dauin, two have no venom. The ones…
Daniel Geary
6th July 2015
Green sea turtles - a favorite at AtmosphereUnderwater Sightings

Green sea turtles – a favorite at Atmosphere

Green sea turtles are a favorite of many people, divers and non-divers alike. They are truly graceful creatures, always a lot of fun to swim with underwater, and at Atmosphere, we are very lucky to have an abundance of Green sea turtles at Apo Island and even here along the Dauin coast. They are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. Like other marine turtles, the females crawl on land…
Daniel Geary
27th April 2014