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Atmosphere launches the new PADI Critter Specialty course

We are incredibly excited to launch our new PADI Critters of Dauin specialty course! The incredible diversity of critters along Dauin’s coast has long been a well-kept secret. But not anymore. As the cat slowly gets teased out of the bag, we are launching the PADI Critters Specialty, unique to Atmosphere! Are you a diver who loves cryptic and colourful critters and would like to know more about what makes them tick? Do you think “how on earth did they find that?” when your dive guide points out a tiny hairy shrimp, then this specialty is for you. Kirsty created and …

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Rhinopia in Dauin Dumaguete Philippines at Atmosphere Resorts

After a couple of weeks of rumors in the area, we can confirm with these awesome shots by Atmosphere’s marine biologist Daniel Geary that we do indeed have Rhinopia here in Dauin. Still a baby, this weedy rhinopia (Rhinopias frondosa) hopefully has many friends around. We also hope that he or she will find a nice colored sponge or coral to sit next to and take on a  bit of color – as they expertly do. Rhinopias are among the holy grails of macro diving – very rare species within the scorpion fish family. There are 6 different Rhinopias and this …

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Copeia Marine Biologist frogfish front cover

Our Marine Biologist Daniel Geary’s photo of his favourite critter made it to the world renowned scientific magazine Copeia this month and we’re very proud. Copeia is the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists and the picture on the cover is of an ocellated frogfish.

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