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We are incredibly excited to launch our new PADI Critters of Dauin specialty course! The incredible diversity of critters along Dauin’s coast has long been a well-kept secret. But not anymore. As the cat slowly gets teased out of the bag, we are launching the PADI Critters Specialty, unique to Atmosphere!

Are you a diver who loves cryptic and colourful critters and would like to know more about what makes them tick? Do you think “how on earth did they find that?” when your dive guide points out a tiny hairy shrimp, then this specialty is for you.

Kirsty created and runs the new PADI Critters course

Our in-house marine biologist Kirsty Richards has over 12 years’ experience working with marine creatures great and small all over the world. The course begins with an engaging presentation, followed by two exciting critter hunt dives.

An example of Critters of Dauin at Atmosphere Resort Philippines

Critter knowledge development

Participants will learn about the biology, ecology and defining characteristics of species within the main taxonomic groups. This includes cephalopods (octopus & cuttlefish), gastropod molluscs (nudibranchs & sapsucking slugs), crustaceans (shrimp & crabs), echinoderms (starfish & sea cucumbers), and fish (ghost pipefish, seahorses, anemonefish, frogfish & scorpionfish). Perhaps more importantly (for some) is to find out why female anemone fish are so bossy, how on earth sapsucking slugs photosynthesise and if a pipehorse really is just a straightened out seahorse?!

Students will learn how to identify local species by their intricate differences. They will be let in to the secrets our dive guides use to locate even the smallest and cryptic of critters and how to best encounter them while limiting our potential environmental impact.

An example of Critters of Dauin at Atmosphere Resort Philippines

Enjoy the critter hunt!

Students will put their newfound knowledge into practice when they embark on a critter hunt. They will be using Critters of Dauin underwater slates, and will try to locate and identify critters across two dives at some of our most diverse sites.

All critter sightings collected by participants will be added to Atmosphere’s extensive critter log. This enables us to track species encounters at dive sites over time. We also want to make sure that our diving guests are taken to the best spots along Dauin’s coast.

Interested? Contact our Dive Centre for more information.

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