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christmas critters of dauin

Christmas tree worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) Aptly named to be at the top of our list, Christmas tree worms are a type of tube-building polychaete worm. Their multicoloured (and tree-like) spiral tentacles can be seen poking out of holes they’ve board into corals and are used to catch passing prey which is then passed down into their mouths. Popular with photographers, these brightly coloured underwater Christmas trees will disappear in front of our eyes should they sense anyone getting too close. Humbug dacyllus (Dascyllus aruanus) Despite it’s name, I like to think the Humbug dacyllus is a happy little fish and …

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When Diving becomes Meditation

There are many reasons why people chose to learn to dive; on top of the list is a desire to explore the underwater world and see the endless array of amazing marine life. Having been an avid diver and dive instructor for many years, I have seen my fair share of breathtaking pelagics and crazy macro critters and now I approach diving in a slightly unusual manner. When I don my scuba equipment I do so as a means of escape. Descending beneath the oceans’ surface gives time to be alone with my thoughts, lost in a silent world where …

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Divemaster Richard, between his favorite frogfish and the scarier Finding Nemo version

It was December 2010 when, like a new lone gunman, Richard appeared in the Atmosphere Dive Center having heard that they were in need of a freelance Divemaster that day. For those of you who have dived here, we could say that the rest is history. King Richard, as he is known amongst our Atmosphere guests, is a stalwart within the dive team and well known on the Dauin coast as one of the best spotters of critters and creatures within our oceans. He loves the challenge of finding smaller, rarer, more obscure creatures and after speaking with him it …

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