A Luxury Guided Detox

Our generation has become accustomed to crazy lifestyle routines and our body often gets neglected. We all want to give 100% in our work, while trying to maintain the work life balance of letting our hair down and having a few cocktails on the weekend. A full body cleanse is a great option to hit the reset button and fully rejuvenate, giving it the TLC it deserves. Toxins can enter…
Becky Stanbridge
18th July 2017
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Rylyn – new Detox-coordinator

June has been the month for detox in the Sanctuary Spa. Numerous guests choose to take either the two day "Express Detox" or the five day "Digestive Heath and Liver cleanse" programs. With such an increase in demand, spa manager, Rae whom normally facilitates the detox programs, has been so busy. This has lead to the promotion of Rylyn Perucho to Detox-coordinator so she can assist guests through their detox journey. Whether you…
Becky Stanbridge
28th June 2017
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A New Detox Menu

Having seen the increasing interest in spa, yoga and wellness services – not to forget our Healthy Living menu that keeps getting rave reviews by our guests – Atmosphere launched a new Detox menu in December. It will be a great complement to our other spa and wellness activities and you can also look forward to future full Detox Programs. At the moment, we offer:  Castor Oil Topical Cleansing Pack,…
Ulrika Kroon
15th December 2015
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Detox with Dave Catudal

The ladies in our Sanctuary Spa were positively beaming after a ten day workshop with Dave Catudal from Train to Transform in August. Dave came to show our ladies a variety of new Detox drinks and you wouldn't believe the number of extremely healthy ingredients most of us may not have even heard of that goes into them! Along with the drinks Dave was here to demonstrate some new Spa…
Atmosphere Resorts
10th August 2015