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Atmosphere Resorts soup kitchen ASK Dumaguete Philippines

Christmas is about sharing and for this year’s Atmosphere Soup Kitchen Christmas party, the yuletide season was truly in the air. Attended by 85 kids together with their parents, the ASK center was packed with giggles and cheers as everyone gathered around excited for one of the most wonderful times of the year. All ready to start the meals that their parents and some volunteers prepared, the kids said their grace. Guests from the resort served their lunch. A warm thank you to Susana Pascual, Stuart Allen, Tiffany and Luke Xu, Charlotte and Florence Kennish who helped serve lunch at …

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Atmosphere Soup Kitchen ASK in Dumaguete receives a visit from CIS - the Chinese International School in Hong Kong

In October, we welcomed our yearly visit from a group of students from CIS – Chinese International School in Hong Kong. They came to Atmosphere Resort for a week of diving courses and excursions. This group comes every year, and during their stay they want the opportunity to give back to the local community through Atmosphere’s Soup Kitchen. Last year the teenagers sponsored paint and then painted the whole soup kitchen. This year they provided ASK with a thorough clean. They waxed the floor, wiped down the tables, chairs and walls and provided firewood for the daily cooking. They also …

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Typhoon Haiyan - Thank you for helping us help!

First we would like to say that Atmosphere had a lucky escape from Typhoon Haiyan and so did most of the island. We had dark skies, rain and a strong breeze resulting in some cancelled flights and boat dives, but no damage and we are very grateful that our guests were so understanding of the situation. Luckily for us, it did not get worse than this outside Atmosphere… The storm that spared us did however leave immense damage on other islands. We asked ourselves how we could help and we decided to use some of our Gives Forward funds for …

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