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The ultimate guide to macro photography

Beneath the sparkling turquoise waters of the Philippine’s Dauin coast, a unique community of tiny critters is thriving. Just meters from Atmosphere Resort’s peaceful shoreline, this intriguing ecosystem draws divers and underwater photographers from across the globe. Dauin and the Dumaguete area are a mecca for muck divers, and here at Atmosphere, we are perfectly situated to cater to the most experienced macro enthusiasts. However, we also offer a range…
Atmosphere Resorts
1st September 2020
The Manjuyod sandbar - the maldives of the Philippines by Christian LeBlanc, Droneheroes and Atmosphere ResortExplore

Manjuyod Sandbar – The Maldives of the Philippines

Did you see the movies by blogger Christian LeBlanc and Droneheroes.tv? Most people did and marveled at the spectacular Maldives-like footage of the sandbar nearby Atmosphere Resort. This insanely beautiful sandbar located less than 2 hours north of the resort has quickly become one of my favourite places to get away to. A peaceful paradise that seems a million miles away from everywhere, it's like a dream world you can…
Atmosphere Resorts
2nd October 2016
Feta cheese from the Goatary's selection of goat cheese at Atmosphere in Dumaguete, PhilippinesDining

Say Cheese! Local Goat Cheese a favorite at Atmosphere Resort

Trying some of the delicious goat cheese on our breakfast buffet, and you might think by their quality that they were imported from Europe. But much better than that, we source them from our local supplier nearby, the Goatary. Located in Talay south of Dumaguete, the Goatary is only a few minutes away from Atmosphere resorts. Run by George Bender and his team, the Goatary started as a goat farm…
Atmosphere Resorts
15th August 2016
Waterfalls Negros Oriental, Atmosphere Resorts, DauinExplore

The thundering waterfalls of Negros Oriental, Philippines

Casaroro Waterfalls Who doesn't love a waterfall? Negros Oriental, where Atmosphere is situated, is an island with a lot of volcanic history and you'll find on your arrival in Atmosphere that the sand is brown lava sand and that the resort is shadowed by a large mountain that once used to be a volcano. The perfect environment for thundering waterfalls, lakes and streams. Casaroro Waterfalls, the most photographed body of…
Atmosphere Resorts
10th May 2016
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SMURFs on the Atmosphere House Reef

SMURFs are actually mesh baskets used to research baby fish From April until June, the Atmosphere Resort house reef will be used as a research site to study baby fish. This research project is run by marine biologists from Curtin University in Perth (Australia). To study baby fish, we are using “SMURFs”. SMURFs stand for “Standard Monitoring Unit for Recruitment of Fishes”. They are mesh-baskets filled with pebbles, sand or…
Atmosphere Resorts
1st May 2016