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Trying some of the delicious goat cheese on our breakfast buffet, and you might think by their quality that they were imported from Europe. But much better than that, we source them from our local supplier nearby, the Goatary. Located in Talay south of Dumaguete, the Goatary is only a few minutes away from Atmosphere resorts.

Soft goat cheese with ash from the Goatary in Dumaguete Philippines

Run by George Bender and his team, the Goatary started as a goat farm back in 2006. In 2010, they started to use Nubian goat’s milk to produce delicious fresh cheeses. With the use of high-end equipment coming from the US, Australia and Europe, together with their well-maintained hygienic facility and their skillful staff, the Goatary is now producing soft, semi soft and semi hard cheeses. The cheeses are always made with fresh and natural ingredients, and aside from the cheeses, the Goatary also offers good quality goat meats, milk and yoghurt.

Goats produce amazing goat cheese at the Goatary in Dumaguete Philippines

Though goat cheese is famous for its health benefits with it having fewer calories compare to cows’, it has a full, rich and creamy flavor that will surely not disappoint those who try them. Fresh, clean, healthy and with great taste, everybody wins with goat cheese. Our Chef Denver approves and makes sure they are a main stay in Atmosphere’s kitchen.

Goat Halloumi from the Goatary in Dumaguete Philippines

Notice the subtle tanginess every time you enjoy some of our pastas or salads from the restaurant Blue brought to us by the cheeses from the Goatary. We put goat cheese in many of our dishes starting from appetizers, mains dishes, and even in our desserts. Check our Healthy Living menu as well and you’ll find halloumi, feta and know how much we love this dairy goodness.

Alma Zosan Alcoran

The Goatary logo, Dumaguete Philippines

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