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Anemonefish in Dauin, Philippines, at Atmopshere Resorts & Spa. Photo by Kirsty Richards

Among the shrimp, frogfish and octopus of Dauin’s coastline, you can find a plethora of anemonefish/clownfish (same, same). We don’t just have one, two, or three, but at least seven different species of this characterful and famous little fish! Found within the fleshy tentacles of 10 species of anemone, anemonefish spend their whole lives in the vicinity of their host. Their relationship is win-win (technical term = obligatory symbionts). In short, the fish are protected from predation by living within the stinging tentacles (a thick mucus protects the fish from being stung). At the same time, it provides cleaning and …

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Clownfish - False Clown Anemonefish by Ulrika Kroon Atmopshere Resort Dauin Dumaguete Philippines

With the movie “Finding Nemo”, the clownfish leaped to instant fame. Cute, colorful and with a distinctive personality, they are hard to miss on the coral reef. Believe it or not, there are actually thirty different species of clownfish including the “false clown anemonefish”, the species that our friend Nemo belongs to. Clownfish are a type of damselfish and are also referred to as anemonefish, due to the fact that they live in anemones. There are ten different species of anemones that are hosts to clownfish, with some clownfish only found in one species while others can be found in all …

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