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The word retreat literally means to withdraw and that is exactly what I find myself doing when I go on a yoga retreat; withdrawing from the usual stresses of everyday life. I revel in the idea of shaking free the shackles of cell phones, internet connections and work. Just the thought of what goodness the retreat will bring me allows me the luxury of letting go of everyday concerns and enjoying what I love the most; going back to the basics of quiet, calm and clean healthy living.

The yoga retreats that I tend to visit are close to the ocean or mountains, so that not only am I surrounded by my favorite natural elements, but so that I can experience the cathartic effects of a morning run along the beach at sunrise or a quiet mountain meditation to rejuvenate the body or relax the mind.

For most of us ‘life’ has a habit of being in control, more so than us being in control of our lives; we spend far too much energy focused on the future or dwelling on the past, coupled with increasingly common problems such as those related to health, finance or family. A retreat is the perfect way to win back some of that control whilst honoring your mind and body with the time to indulge in selfish living.

Yoga at Atmosphere in the tree house

Each retreat is slightly different, but typically I like to wake before sunrise and enjoy the quietness of the morning, followed by a nice yoga class to stretch out the body and release of any residual physical tension I might be holding. By which time I am in search of a nice healthy breakfast, rich in tropical fruits and juices, so healthy that I can almost feel the vitamins nourishing every cell of my body. Then it’s time to indulge in some ‘me’ time, to read a book, or engage in my writing as I so love to do, a spa treatment, or a swim in the ocean all before heading back to the mat for some afternoon yoga and relaxation. I simply cannot get enough yoga on a yoga retreat. A few days of this and what better way to reconnect with myself? It is the perfect time to mentally reassess life priorities, to write down my life goals and dreams and find that inner positivity that will drive me to meet them.

As a yoga teacher I also host yoga retreats at Atmosphere Resorts, if you would like to indulge in some quality time for yourself and come away feeling mentally lighter and physically stronger, then check out our website for more details on up and coming retreats. At the moment, we have scheduled retreats in May and in September this year.


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