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Indulge yourself and surrender to luxury resort of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, where the warmest of Philippine hospitality is combined with first class amenities and service. Beautifully situated within an old seven acre coconut plantation on the island of Negros Oriental near Dumaguete, the luxurious Atmosphere enjoys a spectacular beach front location alongside the warm coastal waters of the Philippine Sea. Whether you want to scuba dive, indulge in the enchanted spa, practice yoga, engage in activities or simply read a book by the pools, you can look forward to an unforgettable stay.

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Atmosphere Resorts & Spa was given permission by the local government to open up rooms to guests again in July after a three-month-long closure due to Covid-19. For information about types of accommodation, these are our room details. During 2020, due to the closure of the Philippines and in particular of Negros Oriental to visitors, we are offering special overnight rates with between 30% – 50% off our room rates. Domestic guests currently get 30% off our rates on accommodation, and guests from Negros Oriental who have the ONE card, get up to 50% off room accommodation. Please note that the rates on our accommodation page are the standard rates.

We also have as promos on Dive, Spa and F&B. Follow the links or contact or phone us on +63 9177221042 or 09177002048. Please be aware that during this partial opening, services and amenities will differ slightly from what we normally offer. Contact us if you wish to know what is currently on offer at the resort.

For the latest update on Atmosphere and Covid-19, please follow this link.

For wedding enquiries, please follow this link to our Wedding FAQ.


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A year on…

...a blog from the Atmosphere owners It is just over a year that me, my wife and our team at Atmosphere approached each guest personally to give them options on leaving our small piece of paradise. Word came from the government, that we only had days to get every international guest out of the Philippines and home, before the lockdown was imposed. We remember waking up that morning, reading the…
Matthew Holder
11th April 2021


Up the mountain, down the sea, explore the jungle, the beach and the underwater world.

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Presenting the ONE card

In April, our province opened the borders to domestic travelers from all over the Philippines. A great step forward! Atmosphere then introduced the ONE card for residents of Negros Oriental, as a thank you for their fantastic support during 2020 and 2021. For only 1000 pesos, the ONE card will continue to give residents of Negros Oriental up to 50% discount on accommodation all through to December 31 2022! The…
Ulrika Kroon
11th April 2021

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There are many ways to arrive at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa – by plane from Manila or Cebu, by ferry from Cebu island, Siquijor island or Bohol or overland.

We can help you get to Atmosphere by suggesting transport options for you. To purchase plane tickets, we suggest you book online or via a travel agent.