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Yoga retreat at Atmosphere Resort Philippines - this is Kino macGregor

Atmosphere had our first yoga retreat in 2015 and had a great response from our guests. The two retreats were a success and we are following the same recipe in 2016. There are yoga retreats scheduled for May 22-29 and September 4-11, but if you are a group of people and keen to deepen your practice another time of the year, contact us. Yoga at Atmosphere involves a mix of asana practice, relaxation, meditation, Sanskrit chanting, yoga philosophy and nutrition workshops. It is a great way to combine a beach side vacation with a holistic approach to well-being and you …

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yoga retreat

The word retreat literally means to withdraw and that is exactly what I find myself doing when I go on a yoga retreat; withdrawing from the usual stresses of everyday life. I revel in the idea of shaking free the shackles of cell phones, internet connections and work. Just the thought of what goodness the retreat will bring me allows me the luxury of letting go of everyday concerns and enjoying what I love the most; going back to the basics of quiet, calm and clean healthy living. The yoga retreats that I tend to visit are close to the …

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