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You have finally arrived at your dream holiday destination. Everything is just perfect. And when you read through the luxurious spa menu, all the treatments appear so incredibly tempting and hard to resist. You tell yourself that you really deserve to have a massage in the Philippines. But which massage or treatment should you choose?

In this blog, we’ll uncover the secrets of relaxation and wellness, present our 5 most popular massages and the main reason why you should treat yourself to a massage. Find out why a hot stone on your spine is so good, what the mysterious “Hilot” really is and why bamboo sticks benefit your health!

The 5 most popular massages at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

1. Atmosphere Signature Massage – let the tension slip away

Who doesn’t love a classic Swedish-style massage? Relax your body and mind and enjoy smooth gliding strokes along with deep kneading and manipulation of the muscles. Feel the tension slip away and restore the balance in your body! The massage techniques of the Signature Massage focus on improving circulation, flexibility, and relaxation.Two people having massage in a spa pavilionDid you know… that the techniques used are designed to mimic the movements of gymnastics and yoga?

2. Bamboo Massage – penetrate deep into the muscles

Experience the unique Bamboo Massage performed with warm bamboo. It is a massage that penetrates deep into the muscles and releases built-up tension whilst stimulating circulation. The therapist uses different sizes and shapes of bamboo sticks to knead, roll, and glide over the muscles. 

Two hands doing bamboo massage on the backDid you know… that Bamboo massage originated from an ancient Chinese practice called Bamboo Fusion with inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine? 

3. Hilot Massage – the traditional Filipino massage

While you are in the Philippines, you must try our traditional Filipino treatment Hilot. Hilot is a hands-on healing art that involves a combination of massage, chiropractic manipulation and herbal treatment.

The therapist uses banana leaves and dagdagay sticks to stimulate the nerves, improve circulation and promote overall wellness of both the body and mind.

Two hands doing bamboo massage on a persons feetDid you know… that the word Hilot itself comes from the Filipino word “hihilot,” meaning “to heal” or “to soothe”, which explains the primary intention of this traditional massage.  

4. Hot Stone Massage – the power of heat

Enjoy a truly magical experience with our Hot Stone Massage. This treatment allows heat to penetrate deep into the muscles via smooth basalt stones. The massage therapist places the hot stones strategically on specific points of the body, such as the spine, the feet and the palms of the hands. The heat from the stones helps to relax muscles and allows the therapist to perform deeper massage strokes.

Hot smooth basalt stones placed on the spine on a woman during a hot stone massageDid you know… that using volcanic basalt stones in a hot stone massage isn’t just about their ability to retain heat? It’s also because these stones are believed to have grounding and balancing properties, adding an extra dimension of holistic wellness to the massage experience.

5. Watsu Treatment – free your body in warm water

Watsu is based on the founding principle of water shiatsu, a soothing massage that takes place in our purpose-built warm water pool. Surrender to the water as this unique treatment combines elements of massage, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance. A deeply relaxing experience where you will be supported and floated over the water’s surface, gliding through rhythmically flowing movements, freeing the body and mind of stress and tension. 

A woman having a Watsu massage in a pool surrounded by flowersDid you know… that the combination of water, gentle movements, and human connection can induce a state of profound relaxation, often leading to emotional release and a sense of inner peace.

Read more about our Spa, massages and treatments here.

So why does a massage supercharge your health? 

We asked our experienced Spa Manager Rae Collins why massages do such wonders for your health:

Rae Collins Spa manager for Atmosphere Resorts & Spa in the Philippines

“Massage therapy is much much more than simply indulging and spoiling yourself. Do you need that nudge into making the decision to sign up for a massage treatment? Then look no further than the single most important reason why you should… they are good for your health!

Massages are not only good for you physically, this goes without saying. They iron out the kinks in your body, reduce muscle tension by working the stress and knots from your back and shoulders and can of course aid in pain relief. Beyond the physical element, they are also fundamentally good for your mental and emotional wellbeing too.”

3 more surprising benefits of a massage in the Philippines

  1. Massage has long since been linked to calming the mind and energetic system; as the long languid strokes soothe the body and the mind. 
  2. It has been scientifically proven that massages help lower stress levels, help decrease anxiety and reduce irritability. 
  3. All of these benefits above aid in the promotion of improved circulation, a boost in the immune system, offering a better night’s sleep, as well as an increase in endorphins (those feel-good hormones). 

With the touch of a hand and the smooth sweep of the masseur’s innovative massage strokes, you can not only lie back and relax but also know that when you do so you will be doing wonders for your mind, body and soul. 

Our award-winning Sanctuary Spa 

If this blog hasn’t convinced you to have a massage in the Philippines already then consider this… where else will you get to walk behind closed doors to a captivating spa garden? A truly hidden oasis nestled into the centre of our lush resort garden? 

Imagine that you are lying on a soft massage table in one of our four open-air pavilions. You are enjoying a massage whilst being serenaded by the sound of the running water, with your senses being titillated by the abundant smell of the kalachuchi flowers from all around. Your eyes are closed, you feel dreamy and you suddenly find yourself drifting off into another world. No need for excuses when the reasons are so plentiful. 

Did you know… In 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2022, our Sanctuary Spa achieved prestigious recognition at the Luxury Spa Awards. We proudly received the title of Best Luxury Garden Spa worldwide, and also won the regional honour for Best Luxury Spa Retreat in the Philippines!

When visiting us in the Philippines do not forget to treat yourself with a massage in our award-winning spa – a sanctuary where massages are more than just a treat!

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