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Do we have latent memories of being encapsulated in our mother’s womb? With no concrete answer to offer – only personal opinions – I cannot help but think we do; my theory is based on the feedback I get after giving a Watsu treatment at Atmosphere Resorts.

Watsu is a holistic spa therapy that is conducted in a specially designed warm water pool; the term watsu derives from ‘water shiatsu.’

Signing up for a watsu treatment at Atmosphere’s “The Sanctuary Spa“, most people have no idea what to expect – it is even difficult to articulate just how beautiful this treatment actually is. Whilst being supported on the surface of this warm water pool, the client is moved around in a gentle dance like fashion, whilst their bodies are stretched and pressure points are manipulated.

Maybe it’s the tender embrace, the warm water, the experience of feeling weightless and fluid or the connection you feel from listening to one another’s heart beat that stimulates this womb like feeling. I never offer any insight into how the treatment ‘may’ feel, yet it is amazing just how many people some of which some shyly admit to the fact that they thought the experience was how they expect it to feel being in the womb. The laws of probability would suggest to me that if over an estimated 75-80% of people report such feelings then there has to be a commonality of hidden truth in these claims and thoughts. Maybe they are being triggered from long lost memories? I believe through regression therapy another treatment that I also offer at the sanctuary spa we can access in utero memories. So, for me it comes as no surprise when clients refer to the experience as womb like.

I feel that this wonderful treatment that affects more than just the body on a physical level, but also the mind and the spirit is like a light switch that once flipped allows you to momentarily see the light and access briefly a glimpse of a time that you have long forgotten. Whether or not this concept is something you relate to it really doesn’t matter, the watsu treatment is such a unique experience it is a must try.

Besides others report feeling as ‘light and free as a bird’, whilst others feel like they were in the ‘large expanse of the ocean dancing on its surface.’ A friend and colleague Bigs Eggert explains the treatment as one that “liquefies the spine.” From someone who has suffered spinal damage and reconstructive surgery, she enjoys the watsu because it offers her relief from the spinal compression that gravity ensures.  For a truly magical experience that has so many wonderful health benefits, try a watsu at The Sanctuary Spa next time you visit Atmosphere.


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