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Watsu - is there a better way to relax

Do we have latent memories of being encapsulated in our mother’s womb? With no concrete answer to offer – only personal opinions – I cannot help but think we do; my theory is based on the feedback I get after giving a Watsu treatment at Atmosphere Resorts. Watsu is a holistic spa therapy that is conducted in a specially designed warm water pool; the term watsu derives from ‘water shiatsu.’ Signing up for a watsu treatment at Atmosphere’s “The Sanctuary Spa“, most people have no idea what to expect – it is even difficult to articulate just how beautiful this …

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Here she is! New Resort Manager Rae with fellow colleagues Adam and Ulrika

…and it is not food! Most of you know Rae Collins as the Spa Manager, Yoga Teacher or the former Dive Centre Manager. Having assumed a variety of roles as a manager at Atmosphere, there was almost only one challenge left for Rae… Having always ‘held fort’ for Matt and Gabrielle Holder whilst they were on their annual holidays, it was only natural to ask Rae to take over the daily running of the resort, when the Holders decided to let go of the day to day matters, using that time instead to drive Atmosphere forward. Many of you may …

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