Atmosphere on a brown beach in Dauin, just by Mount TalinisWellnessYoga

Does it have to be white?

We live on a brown beach. When you ask people what their favorite color is, they rarely say “brown”. Yet, many wonderful things that we love so much are brown in color; chocolate, coffee and in my case Marmite J.Whilst Marmite is a matter of opinion, we often equate coffee and chocolate to luxury and indulgence. What could be better than a fine creamy Italian coffee or a rich smooth…
Rae Collins
11th December 2014
Spa treatments from the SeaWellnessYoga

Spa treatments from the Sea

Recently at The Sanctuary Spa at Atmosphere, we have had an increase in bookings for our Algotherm facials, it was definitely our top selling treatment during the summer. Originally when I was conducting the research for the spa products that we would use in The Sanctuary Spa, many considerations came to mind. I am a lover of all things natural and it was important for me to source a product…
Rae Collins
8th October 2014
The Young OnesWellnessYoga

The Young Ones

As I sat at my desk situated at the spa reception greeting enquiring guests at Atmosphere, I noticed how many children and adolescents were in tow of their parents. Not only that, but they too were looking over the spa menu with an inquisitive eye. I had long been in contemplation about becoming a child friendly spa and have been silently observing the growing trends within the spa industry with…
Rae Collins
10th September 2014
Yoga in the Atmosphere Tree HouseWellnessYoga

Get sweaty in the Atmosphere tree house

Atmosphere Dive Centre Manager, keen cyclist and avid runner Adam Detre, finds himself in a new and surprising situation up in a tree house. Lured there by yoga teacher Rae, Adam realizes he was wrong… If you had asked me this time last year what I would be doing this year, I doubt it would have included yoga. I was part of the masses who had believed the common misconceptions…
Adam Detre
30th January 2014
Yoga for KidsWellnessYoga

Yoga for Kids

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I teach yoga once a week at One International School, situated on site at Atmosphere Resorts. The kids range from three to six years old and it is incredible how receptive they are at such a young age to the yoga classes. Each week I conjure up a different theme to keep them all interested and engaged. We often…
Rae Collins
3rd July 2013