Spa treatments from the Sea

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Spa treatments from the Sea

Recently at The Sanctuary Spa at Atmosphere, we have had an increase in bookings for our Algotherm facials, it was definitely our top selling treatment during the summer. Originally when I was conducting the research for the spa products that we would use in The Sanctuary Spa, many considerations came to mind. I am a lover of all things natural and it was important for me to source a product that had natural ingredients. I was elated when I found Algotherm – not only because of its natural properties but because its base ingredients are sea based; they are rich in sea weeds and sea minerals. With Atmosphere being situated on the ocean I decided that this had the potential to be the perfect product for us.

Indeed, after sampling the products it turned out to be the case. My therapists underwent intense training by a Manila-based Algotherm representative, not only in application but also in terms of ingredients and health benefits.

At The Sanctuary Spa, we offer a wide range of Algotherm based treatments including anti-aging and oxygenating facials, sea salt body scrubs and my personal favorite the fangotherapy. During this treatment your get to experience a full body scrub to remove any dead skin and then lie back and relax as you are covered in a luxurious mud sourced from Mount Michel in France. Full of antioxidants, this body mask is a great way to rehydrate the skin whilst reducing any puffiness and replenishing any lost minerals. This treatment leaves you soft and smooth and fully rejuvenated. For the full range of Algotherm treatments, see our spa menu on the Atmosphere website.


Algotherm used at Atmosphere Resort dauin Philippines

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